Freitag, 13. März 2015


Some people hate Friday the 13th because they hink it's a cursed day and only bad things happen on such a day...

Sometimes I can also be a little superstitious, but not for Friday the 13th while 13 is my lucky number. It has always been my lucky number, and guess what happened on a 13th... I met my lovely boyfriend with whom I am in a relationship for 2 years and 9 months already. So why should I be afraid of such a day if it brought me the best thing that could ever possibly happen to me ? 

Now let's forget all this superstitiousness and get over to the more interesting things in life... Fitness, what else?!
As some of you have read on my Facebook-page or Instagram account, I was deprived from the gym the ENTIRE week... Horrible, seriously. Unfortunately I caught a bad virus that gave me body aches... sounds weird I know. Normally when I catch a virus or a flue I have pain in the limbs, everyone has experienced this at least once, right? 

Well what happened to me: 
This week, my whole body ached, even my face. At the beginning of the week I thought it was because I was maybe sitting somewhere in an airflow, but the day after my neck hurt, my arms and then my whole body. So I saw the doctor immediately and had to stay at home for the whole week. 

Even though I could stay at home, couchpotatoe-ing and watching series, I was feeling horrible because I couldn't hit the gym. And you know why it's so terrible, because I am only 2 weeks out of my first competition for this season. I really hope that I can catch this week up for the following 2 weeks to still get the physique I want, even if the first contest isn't the most important one. So let's hope or the best. 

Happily I am feeling a lot better by now and I am fit for tomorrow's little posing workshop I am giving to a new team-mate and also friend at our coach's. 

In hopes that you are all feeling great , here are my favorite pumpingfairies of the week.
1. urbanvalyou 's transformaton after 2 months & 10 days. Keep up the good work sweetheart !
2. alain_greiveldinger during his chest workout. Let's welcome a new pumpingfairy in our fitfam! 
3. caro_rouge pumpping her chest shoulders and back. 
4. jess_83_04 and her pink shaker after a great workout
5. jimmy_nutella on his active restday of his muscle building program. 
6. sarah_48612 baked some delicious bana-oat cookies. nomnomnom! I you are in search of a yummy recipe, have a look here 
7. pia_fit03 I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Have fun with your new mermaid piba tights! ( Checkout my review here and don't forget my coupon code JENNIFER10%OFF )
8. lysas_world looking all tired after her workout. 
9. mary__b making us jealous with her delish breakfast-pancakes. 

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