Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Fairy goes to 'Top De Colmar'

SHOUROUK for Sephora, color:teal

Today the real preparation for my first competition started, and like mentioned yesterday, I am NOT talking about my training and diet... I've spammed you way enough with that already...

So here we go for the more interesting and exciting part, getting that stuff done that makes you shine bright like a diamond on stage. 
I started my day off with , yes chicken and tomato, but then I headed to the ItBar, which is a cute small NailsBar that opened a few months ago in Luxembourg City.  I wanted my nails to match my suit, so teal they will be. But I thought this would be too mainstream so we added some fairy dust to my nails as well... et voila.

I took the opportunity of being in the city for once to check out Sephora. And what I found there was simply amazing and I couldn't resist it: an eyeshadow with exactly the same color as my nails, so teal with fairy dust...and it's from the Shourouk collection for Sephora. I bought two other colors as well to create beautifully sparkling smokey eyes for my big moment and some fake eyelashes will help as well.

Then, as I always start the tanning 2 days prior the show (click here for Tanning Tips) , I went to a painting store to get a painting set. I know it might sound a little weird, but we made the experience that it's the best way to put on a flawless tanning without stripes, without a huge mess and, best part, without dirty hands since the tanning is liquid. 

At home my boyfriend and I started to clean up our little home , because I simply hate it when we are off for a few days and return to a messy flat... I want a 'home sweet home' feeling when I get back from the competition and not a 'aarghh we have to clean up'... (yep I am a little cleaning maniac... #sorrynotsorry)

To end the day I hit a backshoulder/back session followed by a cardio session and a relaxing hot shower at home.

By the way, in case you didn't get the 'news'... you have to stay tuned for Sunday evening or Monday morning. I will create a 'Follow me around' movie to give you a glimpse on what a competition-trips look like and what's going on backstage. It's going to be super interesting I promise

Enjoy your evening , I am now off to put on the first layer of my tanning.
Dark Powder Foundation
Eyebrow set
Different Eyeshadows for the perfect Smokey Eyes
False Eyelashes


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