Samstag, 2. August 2014

1st week of preparation

Finally my first workout-week of my preparation is over.

As I already told you in my previous post, I was given other workout-routines. I didn't expect them do be so heavy , to be honest. When Ken and I started hitting the gym two years ago, we also went to the gym 5 times a week and we also trained in supersets. But when you stop working out in supersets , it gets really hard once you have to do them again. 

My first training-day was leg-day. And as if this leg-session wasn't heavy enough already, I still had to do a 40-minutes-HIIT afterwards. So just imagine me trying to go downstairs...haha Plus, I went pole dancing again the same day. I try to combine fitness and pole-dancing, I really need that kind of distraction once a week.
Then the second day was back-shoulders with back in supersets. The workout-session was okay... But the day after, I was so damn sore from pole-dance classes and my previous workouts that I could hardly move! 
Third workout-day was biceps, triceps and again shoulders. This was the first time that I discovered a little pumped-up vein in my left arm,which made me so happy hehe. 
The day after actually killed my legs! Not only was it leg-day, but I had to train my legs in TRISET!!! And not to forget, 40 minutes of HIIT after that! Even worse than the first day! I think I will just stay in bed forever! 
Last day finally, back-shoulders , again in TRISET, with biceps and triceps. And HIIT of course!

This first week was honestly the heaviest workout-week I have ever experienced in my life! But without effort, no results! I hope my body gets used to it very soon, I don't want to die every day haha.

That's it already. Now I am off again, I need some rest to recover from this madness!
Talk to you soon. 

My morning-pill-cocktail(BCAA, Amino-acids, CLA, Omega3, Fat-burner & Vitamins) 
See my little pumped-vein? 
Me, after a great leg-session, trying to stay alive haha

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