Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Transformation #2

Hey there! 

Well I kind of forgot to create a post about my new transformation. As you may remember, I told you that I will write a ''review'' of every last month just as a little report about my transformation for that month. So here I am! 
Anyway, as already posted, our coach was very satisfied again with our form at the last check-up. I lost some bodyfat again, I have become a little bit more shredded and so on.
Therefor, let the numbers speak for themselves once again: 
  • Beginning of June (1st check-up):
Weight: 57.7 kg
Body Fat Percentage: 27.9%

Neck: 33 cm
Chest: 86 cm
Arms: 28 cm

Waist: 68 cm
Hips: 89 cm
Thighs: 55 cm
Calves: 36 cm

Shirt Size: M
Pants Size: 38

  • Mid-June (2nd check-up):
Weight: 57 kg -> -0.7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 24.6% -> -3.3%

No measurements here as I decided to only measure at the beginning of every month
  • Beginning of July (3rd check-up):
Weight: 56.3 kg -> -0.7kg
Body Fat Percentage: 22.4% -> -2.2%

Neck: 32.5 cm -> -0.5cm
Chest: 86 cm
Arms: 27 cm -> -1cm

Waist: 66 cm -> -2cm
Hips: 85 cm -> -4cm
Thighs: 53 cm -> -2cm
Calves: 36 cm

Shirt Size: M/S
Pants Size: 38-36
  • Mid-July (4th check-up):
Weight: 56 kg -> -0.3kg
Body Fat Percentage: 21.4% -> -1%

Again, no measurements here. 
  • Beginning of August (5th check-up):
Weight: 55kg -> -1kg
Body Fat Percentage: 20.2 % -> -1.2%

Neck: 32 cm -> -0.5cm
Chest: 86 cm
Arms: 26 cm -> -1cm
Waist: 64.5 cm -> -1.5cm
Hips: 83.5 cm -> -1.5cm 
Thighs: 52 cm -> -1cm
Calves: 35.5 cm -> -0.5cm

Shirt Size: M/S
Pants Size: S

I recognized that even if I didn't lose that much weight or body fat, I have definitely become more shredded,which really fills me with joy, seriously! I honestly don't see that much progress, which is normal because I see myself everyday. But two days ago, when I was wearing high-heels again and a skinny jeans, I noticed my quads to get clearly visible.And yesterday too while I was on a little shopping trip with my lovely sister. I have been waiting for her at the fitting rooms, and as a female, I looked myself in the mirror of course and I recognized that my arms look a little badass already, without sounding too swanky now haha. 

Now, enough of me! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I wish you a great start for next week my loves!

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