Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Muscle Soreness

me after a great legday, which I am suffering from now. hrhr

For those who follow me on Instagram, PumpUp or Facebook-page know that I exaggerated a bit during my previous workout routines.
Normally I don't do this because I don't want to risk an injury, but since I only have a little bit more than 2 months left for my competition, I felt like I had to speed up to reach the form I want as soon as possible, which was a mistake... Because now I am suffering from muscle soreness and I am walking like on eggshells. Haha
My calves are hurting so much that I have struggle to unbend my legs in the morning and let#s skip talking about going downstairs. Nevertheless am I afraid that my arms will feel like this too by tomorrow. 
I know feeling sore should make you happy, well it makes me happy because I know that I workout hard enough, but hellooo... It hurts like hell afterwards...

That's why I wanted to give you these little helpful tips to relieve your muscle soreness:
  • Ibuprofen: If your muscle aches are really bad, this will help you to get rid of it. It's a low-dose painkiller which has been proven to decrease muscle soreness.
  • GENTLE stretching:When your muscles are in recovery mode, they tend to tighten up, meaning you feel sore. If you slowly and gently stretch your muscles, you will relieve that tight feeling and diffuse the pain. But don't stretch too much or too hard.
  • Light massage: Massaging sore muscle can be very painful, I know. Thus it helps to reduce the tightness while promoting blood flow. This will help you to speed up the recovery and shortens your muscle soreness. You can also do your own massage at home with this awesome foam roller by +Nike .I tried it out once, and it's simply amazing. (picture below)
  • Warm bath: Just like the massage, a warm cozy bath will loosen up your muscles and improve the circulation in the muscles. A better circulation means more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flowing through your aching muscles, helping them to recover faster. 
  • Hot/Cold treatment: Apply an ice pack for 15 minutes, followed by a heat pack for another 15 minutes and do this over again. It has been shown that this treatment is highly effective in promoting blood circulation and muscle recuperation. 
Personally, I don't take painkillers like Ibuprofen when I have muscle ache. Simply because I am convinced that once you take pain killers, you are suppressing the pain and you could risk an injury as you don't feel any pain anymore. But I know from a lot of people that Ibuprofen really helped them, so try it out yourself. But whatever treatment you are going to pick, if you go back on track be careful and listen to your body. 

Have a nice end of the week. 
The magical foam roller by +Nike 

After yesterday's arm-pump-session.


  1. Forcing yourself to suddenly exceed your pace is definitely a big no-no when you’re in a competition. The downside is that you don’t only risk an injury, but possibly induce long-term damages in the future. That, and it might even end your running career. Take care!

    Nathaniel Quinn @ Superior Health Care

    1. That's what I wrote, didn't I?
      I always try to reach my limits because that's the only way you can built up muscles.And by lifting heavy I am burning even more fat, and that's what I want for my competition. I am training like this since the beginning and I feel totally okay and have no real injury at all.
      Not every body is equal, therefor not every reaction will be equal.
      I know my real limits, but although thanks for the comment. xx