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Portion Control

Strawberries from my breakfast

Ever since I started the diet for my preparation I got so many comments on my meals, like '' OMG is that everything you eat? '' or '' Don't tell me that this is your lunch, I am sure you must be starving...'' and even '' You will get an eating disorder if you go on eating like a bird''... 

Okay so first of all, I want to compete on stage and I'm not a fan of Jigglypuff's body image...When you are about to go on stage in 2 months , well you simply can't eat a plate full of pasta, pizza, cheese macaronis or whatsoever. You really need to watch your macro intake and well, eat less calories and burn even more to become shredded and lose fat. 

Preparing for a competition made me think about how easy and how often people actually overeat without realizing it. I am not saying that everyone should have an eye on their macro-intake, especially if you are not about to compete. But still, if you really want to lose weight or fat, it matters though. Have you ever wondered how many calories you eat during a day? I bet way too much.

As far as I'm concerned I used to eat 2.000-3.000 calories a day , but that was before I got interested in Fitness and everything around it. The I reduced my caloric intake to a max. of 2.000 calories, which is still too much for a girl of my size, age and activity. 

To give you a hint, now that I am closer to my first competition( and my real shredding-phase hasn't even started yet) I eat between 1.200 to 1.300 calories a day, depending whether it's carb-day or low-carb-day. You must be thinking ''well that's not very much''.. But the magic trick is to eat the RIGHT things. 

Let's have a look at my carb-day first:

Breakfast:                      Mid-Morning Snack:                             Lunch:      

4 Eggwhites                    Iso-Whey Shake                                       Lean Beef     
2 Yolks                                                                                         Quinoa      
Spelt bread                                                                                    Vegetables
Stewed Apples

Afternoon-snack:          Post-workout:                                         Dinner:

Tuna                                Iso-Whey Shake                                     Chicken
Pineapple                                                                                      Vegetables
Quinoa Crackers

And my low-carb-day:

Breakfast:                       Mid-Morning Snack:                               Lunch:      

Quinoa crackers               Iso-Whey Shake                                         Turkey    
Strawberries                     Handful of nuts                                         Sweet potatoes
Chickenham                                                                                    Vegetables 

Afternoon-snack:            Post-workout:                                           Dinner:

Iso-Whey Shake               Iso-Whey Shake                                         Salmons

I am not listing up the exact amounts of everything, because this diet-programm was created according to my personal needs and data and I don't want anyone to just take a program because it  won't fit your own personal needs. 
What I wanted to make clear you with this post is, that even if you cut down your portions and calories, you are not automatically starving everyday if you eat the right foods. Before I started this whole diet program, my stomach was used to bigger portions as its volume was bigger than it is now. And my body was used to have more energy, meaning calories, than it has now. But your body can adapt itself to everything and it's only the first few days that SEEM hard for you once you are changing your eating habits.

I really hope that this opened your eyes on my daily caloric intake. And now for the last time: 
I am not starving, I am not hungry the whole day, I have a lot of energy to get through every day and every hard workout , I feel better,I don't catch every single flue because I get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs through my food, or supplements.

That said, I wish you all a relaxing weekend. 

Carb-day breakfast

Low-carb lunch

carb-day lunch

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