Donnerstag, 7. August 2014


Hey there!

I know, some of you have already seen this on Instagram or Facebook, but I thought it would be worth mentioning it here as well, to keep things honest.
I actually started my preparation on the 1st of August. But this doesn't mean that I don't have the permission to enjoy a cheat-meal once in a while.

Before I started this preparation program for my first competition, I took the opportunity to indulge on everything for the ,,last time''. And when I say 'everything', I mean everything :From pasta, pizza and over to chocolate, donuts and so on... I stuffed myself  ,which was actually a very good strategy, because I was quite disgusted by junk food and sweets.
Then I was eating and training according to my diet-plan and training plan for an entire month! And I had great results...remember when I posted about my transformation after 1 month of clean-eating? 

''Unfortunately'' ,we went to the Electric Love Festival in Salzburg, Austria, for 5 days in July. Even though I prepared my food, I had to throw it away after 2 days, because it started to smel kind of nasty. And I didn't feel like risking a food intoxication... So I tried to make the best out of it, which only worked for exactly one day .I forgave myself by telling me that I was following my plan to a T for the past weeks and that these few days couldn't be that bad. Therefor, the festival became kind of a big cheat-meal , whoops! 

And yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to have another epic cheat-meal. Actually we wanted to wait until his birthday, which is in 2 weeks only, but we couldn't resist and we ordered at Pizza hut's. MUAHAHA! 
We shared 2 garlic breads with shrimps and a big and greasy cheezy crust, half brie-cheese and honey, half ''Antillaise' (which is pineapple with chicken, so it's a bit healthy too, *joking*)

I am not saying that this cheat-meal ruined something,but I have to admit that my form this morning was kind of different. However I am still satisfied and I know that I will be in my previous form by no later than 2 days. 
For now, I will stick to my plan again until my coach is back from his holidays. We will have another check-up in early September and of course Ken and I will probably have one last cheatmeal again before we really hit the 'shredding-phase'.

That said, enjoy the rest of the week! 

Heavenly cheezy crust

garlic shrimps bread

Left: morning form after weeks of clean eating //

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