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Diet Pills and their side effects

Hey beauty! 

Yesterday night I was watching TV and I saw this report about diet pills , which inspired me to write this post because I want to open people's eyes.
Actually what they told in the report was nothing new to me, but I realized that especially women tend to fall back on such 'wonder pills' as they wait for a miracle to happen. And I don't want anybody to do harm to their body and health.

Without losing too much time now, here is a Top7 list of the risks that come along with diet pills:

1. No Guarantee:
The problem with diet pills is that very often they are not even approved from the Food and Drug Administration and are therefor taken from the market after a while. Meaning that a lot of unsafe and unhealthy pills find their way into pharmacies. So even if your pharmacist tells you that they are 'okay', they usually don't even have an idea of what this pills consist of and what side effects come along with these pills.

2. Risk for heart attack and stroke:
One of the main ingredient in such 'magic pills' are found to increase the risk for heart attacks and stroke. Normally these kind of stimulants are prescription level drugs and are therefor banned from the market. But illegally they still can make their way back to these pills due to a poor control of dietary supplements.

3. Addiction:
More often than not, diet pills also contain amphetamines, anti-anciety drugs and antidepressants. It's not just that this is one of the most dangerous cocktails, they can also make you highly addictive.

4. Multiple side effects:
Logically, diet pills contain fat blockers which should decrease the nutrient absorption and may cause stomach aches. Further side effects could include constipation, headaches and mood swings. That's a real 'magic pill' if you can switch from one mood to another...*irony*

5. False claims:
Do me and yourself a favor and don't believe everything you read on labels of dietary supplements, see in television or read in magazines. Just let me illustrate something for you: a report which was released by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services analyzed 127 dietary supplements (including weight loss pills) and found that 20% made illegal claims on the label. Meaning they stated that the product cured or treated disease...

6. Ineffectiveness:
What is the first thing you read when you look at the ingredients? Caffeine and other diuretics, am I right? Well they actually only cause water loss... So the lower number of your scale is nothing but water-loss actually. Thusly, once you stop taking these pills, the water weight will return. Plus, losing to much water can also cause dangerous dehydration, leading to headaches for example.

7. You won't change anything:
I always preach to people that diet pills won't change anything except a damaged health. You won't change your eating and exercise habits , neither are you motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Believing that diet pills would be the right thing because '' you see results so fast'' will never ever encourage you to gain a better understanding of how foods and exercise affect your weight and health. 
The only thing that diet pills cause is dispair because you will gain your old weight back once you stop taking them. You will be less likely to check food labels, record your food intake and fit in your exercise if you really think that a PILL could do the work for you. 

I have to admit that I also fall back on diet pills years ago, they were called ''XLS Medical'' and are the biggest bull**** I have ever taken. I constantly had stomach aches, head aches and I couldn't eat anything because my stomach bloated initially and hurt.

Do you really think that a pill could help you ? Do you really think that I would work my ass off 5 times a week and keep track of my food if a pill could perform miracles? 
Seriously, stop lying to yourself and telling yourself that a pill is the right way. Get your ass up and workout, eat healthy and nuturing and you will see that you will get what you deserve, namely a good health and great results.

That said, I wish you all a great and successful week.

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