Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

New Arrivals

Hey what's up my lovely crowd? 

Yesterday, we went for a 'little' shopping spree to the Zweibrücken Style Outlets and uuhm, there is this huge Nike store... and you know how much I love +Nike ... 

So yes, I allowed myself to buy a couple of new tights to hit the gym. Why? Well first of all, why not? Second: New gym-clothes equals an even better motivation. Third:  My two favorite pairs of pants have holes which is anything but fancy. Fourth: My BetterBodies-tights are slowly becoming too wide around the hips #firstworldshreddingproblems. 

It's obvious that I have this little obsession for nike gym-wear, but I just love the styles and the different designs and the perfect fit. But most of all, they are so damn comfy. It's actually the first time that I bought this kind of length. Normally I opt for Capris or full-length tights. But you know, sometimes you have to try out new things. But the best is yet to come... *drum roll*...

A few months ago, I used to wear Medium or maybe Small,yesterday I had to buy an XS! You can't imagine how much this made me smile because it means that I lost a considerable amount of inches. I was so grumpy when we arrived at the Outlet, because I hate longer car-drives, but this totally made my day and I was in the best imaginable mood.

If you like the, you can get similar ones here.

I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did. Talk to you soon my dears!