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Review: PumpUp App

Hey fitfam

I have something great to share with you.Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook-feed and suddenly I spotted a comment about a new app called 'PumpUp'. After reading the comments I realized that the app functions after the same principle as Instagram, but with slight differences.

PumpUp is no different as Instagram in the following : you share photos,like photos and follow or interact with other people and do a search by using hash-tags.
Here comes the turning point: PumpUp is all about fitness,health and workouts.
When signing in, you can insert your weight, hight and set your goals. 
Awesome features like customized workout routines.You can also log your activities by time, intensity and the type of workout (skating, baseball, weightlifting, gymnastics, dancing and more) make this newly-discovered app even more fun.
  • Photo sharing:
I guess everybody knows how that works, am I right? Just take a picture of your healthy meal, your sexy abs, a 'before/after' pic or a sweaty post-workout selfie and share it right away. Add a comment, some hash-tags and wait what happens.
  • Customized workouts:
If you don't have a specific training schedule, you can workout with this app as well. I analyzed several workouts and they seem to be pretty good at first glance.
Step by Step : 
- Open your app (duuhhh...)
- Touch the '+' sign in the middle of your app
- Select 'Start workout' 
- Follow the instructions and press again  '+'
- Choose your Training goal (lose weight, get toned, build muscle or simply be healthy)
- Choose your level, duration and what equipment you want to use and off you go.
They offer about 500 exercises in HD motion images, so you have a free, tiny personal coach while working out which also tags the clock for you, isn't that cool?
  • Activity Logging:
Whatever may be your workout (running, dancing, weightlifting, crossfit, playing soccer...etc) you can log it with PumpUp. All you gotta do is select the '+' button and follow the instructions and icons. 
  • Tracking your weight:
Once you signed in you set your weight and track your progress through the app. The progress is pictured through the the diagram-icon, which you'll find right under your little biography. This might help you to stay motivated.

I have to admit that it took me some time to figure out how this app really works. But after a couple of minutes I had the knack and I started posting my progress, my meals and more. And I have already become addicted, whoops... 
This app is perfect for gymrats. I know there are some great fitspirational accounts on IG as well but still, this app is ONLY about fitness and health.
I think this app is even better than Instagram if you want to inspire and motivate other people with your progress or maybe if you want to find motivation through other people's progress and pictures. 

If you're still not sure whether you should download it or not, just do it and give it a try. It won't hurt and it doesn't cost a dime.

P.S: You will find me under ' liftingfairy ' of course. See you there.

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