Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Fitness 2.0

Hands up who's guilty : You enter your gym, while tying your nikes you check-in on Facebook, take some gym-selfies in the changing room and upload them straight into your Instagram and Facebook wall. Then you spend some more minutes looking at your social media to see if you received a new like or comment and then you're read to go hard... seems pretty normal to you, doesn't it?
May I call this fitness 2.0?

But let's go back to the early 2000's...
People hit the gym and the only thing they worried about was the quality of their training-routines. A fully-charged mp3 or mini-disc and headphones were a bonus.
A bottle of water, a towel and gym-clothes were the only thing a sports-bag contained. People didn't worry about their gym-outfit back then, even if it was the same from previous workouts because 'I will sweat anyway'--- What mattered was that it was comfy and somewhat functional.

These days, the tights are perfectly matching the sneakers,the ear-buds are color-coordinated with the smartphone-case and the neckline of the guys' tank-tops are lower than the ones teenage girls wear to go out at night.
Tracking workouts, meals and simply the everyday-life on the phone has become a routine to many.  Let's turn to the  #firstworldfitnessproblems :  You forgot to start your running-app while you worked your butt off on the treadmill, damn, how are you supposed to share this on Facebook now...?
Never mind, let's take a post-workout selfie instead, this will get you some likes anyways. 

Isn't it insane how our behavior has changed over the years?
Marketing and PR agencies found a new niche to sell all types of fitness-related items, because after all fitness has become a trend. And as we know, people automatically spend more money on something if it's considered popular. Entire gym-outfits, fitness-apps, accessories, eating- and training-plans are sold more than ever before. Just look around you :no matter what and where, there is ALWAYS a 'sports-edition' Even McDonald's now has a 'sports menu' which I find to be absolutely ridiculous.

However, the only difference between now and then is, once again, social media.
Back in the days, you didn't know if your friend was working out in the same gym as you until you met him there. Today, you can 'check-in' at your gym and let people know when and where you are hitting your sessions. You can even tell them through your phone how many reps you did.
In fact, the fitness-lifestyle has always been there, but it has become way more popular and exposed over the years.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if people consider this kind of 'exposure'  good or bad.
Fact is: As long as it keeps you motivated, it serves its purpose. You can have the best training-program and the healthiest nutrition, but this doesn't help you if you are not motivated at all. Motivation is the key that helps you reach your goals.
Of course, there are always people that want to see you fail, but I am sure that you have friends that celebrate your success and push you with the one or other like or comment?

I don't mind if people like this current trend or not, because anyway, it has a very positive impact on everyone of us.
I am happy about every single one of you who works out and wants to get a healthier life. As long as social media helps you to keep going and stay motivated, go ahead.
While we're at social media: Don't forget to use pumpingfairy to find the motivation you need.

let's go for some gymselfies

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