Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Nike Addiction

On Monday and Tuesday we were on our traditional Christmas-shopping trip in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Roermond (Netherlands). Talking about 'we' I mean my sister, her boyfriend David and my lovely boyfriend Ken. It's always fun when we are on the road, especially during our little city-trips (pictures below).

On Monday we hit the road in the early morning so we could explore Düsseldorf's shops to the fullest. Luckily it stopped raining in the early afternoon, but it was still freezing cold, therefor we spend most of the time in the shops and took all the time we needed to find fancy clothes. I tried to eat the healthiest possible, but to be honest, that's not very easy if you cross all those beautiful little Christmas-markets the whole day. Therefor I treated myself with a traditional potato-dough with shrimps in the evening and that one or another cup of mulled wine. Usually I don't drink alcohol, but at least once a year I think I can make an exception. 

On Tuesday we visited the McArthur Glen Fashion Outlet in Roermond and I was so damn looking forward to buying new fashionable workaday clothes as I am starting to work in 2015.
But you know what?There was this Nike-store, and you know how much I love Nike...

There was that one pair of tights that leaped my eye straight away, but sadly they didn't have my size anymore. Therefor I was more than happy when I saw this simple black sports-bag which had the perfect size and a very modest price. I definitely needed a new bag as my current gym-bag is already 10 years old. (Yes, keep on justifying yourself Jenny...)
Then it happened, I was in a frenzy and I also got myself two colorful sport-bras... because you can never have enough sport-bras. And of course a new hoodie... Nobody wants to get cold on the way home after a great gym-session, right?

Honestly, I wouldn't mind going to work in my gym-clothes...
Get them HERE

Get a similar one HERE

Definitely my favorite picture for the moment. 
Ken& I, and David photobombing haha

Goofing around in Roermond


  1. :D oh ech verstinn dech ech hun nike och gaer. krut geschter nach en Paak mat engem Nike Armband fir den Handy yuhuu

    1. Et kann een definitif NIE genuch NIKE hun, egal waat et ass hehe
      Ech wees och net mee Pumba an adidas schwetzen mech ierjentsweich guer net un hrhr