Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014


I had so many things to do this week, and it seems like you guys have been very busy as well. When looking for this week's favorites, I couldn't find as many fitspirational pictures as the past weeks. 
Have you become a little lazy people? To be honest, I can totally understand you...

Christmas is almost knocking on the door and there's still so much left to do before the big day, right? Luckily, I'm already done with all that christmas-gift-shopping, phheww. On the one hand I'm very looking forward to Christmas , but on the other hand I don't feel like sitting in restaurants the entire afternoon or a whole evening, even if I love spending time with my family. How about you? 

Another good thing about Christmas? The food! As always I want to be a 100% honest with you. I will try to enjoy these festive days to the fullest, as it's my favorite season of the year, but still without indulging too much. 
I will stick to my eating-plan as far as possible, but I am definitely not going to give up all the delicious christmas-cookies, yule log or waffles. If you indulge in moderation, you don't have to worry about anything at all. Enjoy the festive days and the quality time with your beloved ones and get back on track afterwards. 2015 is also the perfect occasion to start from the beginning, but don't set your goals too high (more about new year's resolutions after christmas) 

Oh, and before I forget... I thought about making a special #pumpingfairy Christmas-edition for next week. As the merry days will be over by friday, hashtag all your yummy and delicious christmas-food with #pumpingfairy too, even if it's not healthy at all.
I want us to get united for the feast of love as we are all part of a huge fit family. 

Enjoy your weekend.

1. urbanvalyou has some delicious Powerfood's J-M.B Pancakes for breakfast
2. pia_fit03 is gett tougher slowly but surely
3. dowhatyoulove_loveyourlife was happy that she finally made it to her training session
4. carolegoerend takes a post workout selfie, doesn't she look cute?
5. b_lume enjoys her veggies with some whole wheat pasta after a great swimming workout
6. caro_rouge training on the stair-master with a pretty pair of sneakers
7. the.lovely.four and laura told us in a great post how to stay motivated during the winter season
8. aline_janie just got her package from MyProtein
9. alexscastle having a pre-workout snack before hitting a great arms and shoulder session

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