Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4

I hope you all had some great holidays and enjoyed the time with your beloved family. Mine were fantastic and even if the snow arrived a day later, I really felt the christmas-magic at home. As I already mentioned in an earlier post, I enjoyed the festive days to the fullest, but without indulging too much. On Christmas Eve we had a meat fondue, therefor I was able to eat very healthy, before the give-away of our presents. And guess what I got... a new pair of Nike Free 5.0. , I couldn't be any happier right now. (Thanks a lot mum.)

The colors are so bright and they perfectly match the pattern of the outer material and the laces. While the shoes are mostly pink, I think that the white and violet details give them the perfect touch and along with the NikeID 'Train Dirty' they bring out a flawless pair of girly-tough training shoes.

Of course I already tried my new babies for my leg-session today and as per normal, the shoes speak for themselves. I definitely don't have to waste any words about the comfort... Everyone who ever trained in Nike shoes knows how comfy they are and how it feels like to train with them.
Now I really get into a conflict every time I hit the gym. Should I wear the green/blue Flyknit or the super fancy pink Free-Run? #firstworldlifterproblems... I got such a hard furrow to plough, don't I ?

Have a great new week fitfam.
Get them HERE

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