Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

#pumpingfairy movement

Fitfam, you made it through another week... weeeeh. 
Have you planned anything special for your weekend?
As for me, I am taking two pole-dance workshops tomorrow with the beautiful Véro Vegas. She used to live in Luxembourg but moved to Innsbruck (Austria) some years ago to open one of the first pole-dance studios. I can't wait for her classes tomorrow morning, 3 hours of pole dancing, that's insane.

When browsing Instagram the past days, I realized that quite a few people joined our fit army again. I am happy to welcome you and I invite every woman or man to enter our growing community. It's such a pleasure to see how you guys keeps fit even during December, because usually people skip the gym during the festive month because it makes no sense to them anyway due to Christmas eve, Christmas, Sylvester etc. 
I feel confident that over the next week more than a few will meet in our gym-army to whom I would accord a hearty welcome.

1. xeniia_93 proudly presents her transformation. She lost 22kg, we congratulate you!
2. dowhatyoulove_loveyourlife loves her salad at her favorite pub.
3. veronique_xxx transformed too, great work!
4. nillesjulie had chicken,broccoli, carrots and rice-noodles for lunch along with sriracha.
5. alexscastle takes her workouts to a new level.
6. b_lume has a delicious salad for lunch.
7. sophieja96 kicks us with a motivational butt-kick!
8. the.lovely.four have a new post on their blog: healthy apple sauce muffins.
9. flouwelsch has done a great cardio workout.

Always remember to dig deeper and enjoy your weekend!

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