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New Year's Resolutions Guide

Lose weight. Do more sports. Eat healthier foods. Workout regularly.Be active.
These are one of the most popular new year's resolutions along with 'Spend less money.Save more money and quit smoking'
I am convinced that everyone of you has already made at least one of those pledges during the annual New Year's Day ritual of resolving to improve your health and lifestyle. It's a great decision and a great first step, but what does it looks like a month later? Have you held true to your good intentions?

Let me tell you this: planning and preparation is the key. 
Making a resolution is the first step, but you need a specific plan and a healthy dose of motivation and discipline if you want to succeed. It is difficult to change old habits like smoking, stop drinking alcohol. Simply telling yourself you are about to change something is not enough, you need a concrete plan that plays into your strengths and avoids distractions from your goals by your weaknesses.

Here are some very useful tricks to held true to your intentions:

1. A realistic and healthy eating-plan: 
As I always advise, set up an eating plan that is rich in variety, still not too complicated, interesting and tastes good. If you want to learn more about good carbs, healthy fats and carb-cycling, have a look at my older posts.

2. Have faith in yourself:
Seeing is believing. Once you see results and see that you are capable of making changes in your behavior, you will become more confident and motivated. Just ask yourself the question if you believe in yourself that you can change the one or other habit for two weeks, months or even years. If you are answering with 'NO', re-evaluate your goal to make it more doable for you. Break down your goal in smaller steps, it will make it easier for you to gain the belief that you can do it.

3. Avoid negativity:
Research has shown that social support is very important, especially after the first weeks when your motivation seems to fade away. Avoid negative people, search for online support groups or get a gym-buddy who works out with you. As for my part, I prefer to train on my own, therefor you may need a little time to find which kind of support suits you best and helps you during tougher times

4. Work out all the details:
If you want to lose weight or hit the gym more frequently, you would be well advised to set up a sensible plan for your grocery-shoppings, cookings and workouts. Get a solution for your cravings without depriving yourself from food you love.

5. Set smaller goals: 
If you want to lose for example 30kilos, you will be more motivated to succeed if you celebrate every 5kilo you lost. (similar to #2). Look at your success as lots of 'mini steps' strung together... Rome wasn't built in one day either... You are more likely to reach your goals by setting attainable, realistic goals.

6. Prepare yourself for cravings:
Normally cravings are caused by swings in your blood sugar. Therefor, avoid quick boosts like sweets, soda or every other simple carbs. If you eat every 3 hours and include lean protein from nuts, meats or beans, you will satisfy your hunger for fewer and healthier calories.

7. Control your surrounding:
Eliminate tempting and fattening treads from your environment by stocking the pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods. If you don't have 'bad food' at home, you can't eat them. For the first weeks, it may also be best for you if you surround yourself with people, places and things that will HELP you change and not tempt you.

8. Change:
It is not enough to diet, instead you have to replace the unhealthy foods with more nutritious foods. You need active behavior by changing your eating habits, just dieting and cutting down on everything is non-sense and not healthy at all.

9. Treat yourself:
Every time you reach one of your 'baby goals' ,you can reward yourself with anything you want, like flowers, new gym clothes, a cute jewel or even a sweet treat (in moderation). Figure out what works best for you and reward yourself if you achieved another goal.

10. Setbacks are inevitable:
It is totally okay if you have a setback, what matters is that YOU can control it. You have to learn to 'recover' from slips. You have to be strong, and remind yourself that you are strong and that you can do it. You shouldn't see a setback as a failure and use them as an excuse to give up.

That said, I wish you a happy new year my loves.

New Days, New Time, New Moments and New Motivation
Ahead are waiting for you,
May these 365 days light up your life,
Happy New Year 2015.

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