Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Review: Nuxspreads

I have something very extraordinary and new to review today. It's called Nuxspreads. 
You certainly wonder what Nuxspreads is, right? 
To give you a hint, it's something very healthy, delicious and made in Luxembourg... Still no idea? 
Okay, I stop putting you on the rack. 

Nuxspreads is, like already mentioned, a luxembourgish product, which is very new on the market and therefor not availabe in any other shops yet. To put it simple: Nuxspreads are spreads made of 100% nuts, hence the compound word 'Nuxspreads'. What a clever idea, isn't it? 

I accidentally came accross their profile on Instagram, and when I saw it was produced in Luxembourg, I was already nosy. It's a big plus that they are 100% natural, meaning that you don't have any additives in it, except that the one or another flavor also contains chocolate, honey, cinnamon or coconut. I mean, if that doesn't make you go nux... (got it?)

Of course, before ordering or buying something you have never heard of, you surely want to know how it tastes and how you can use it. Well, to be honest it's totally delicious. If you like peanutbutter for example, you will certainly be a great fan of the 'peanut break' which is mixed with 85% dark chocolate. Allowedly, the other spreads are great too, it just depends on your nut-preferences. As I love peanuts and almonds, needless to say that those two are my favorites, but it's beyond debate that the other are excellent too. 
You can either use the spreads for your toasts in the morning, include them in healthy recipes or simply frost your christmas cookies for example. If you have no idea how you can include them in a healthy recipe, I highly advise you to checkout their Instagram account or Facebook-page.

Before leaving now, I just wanted to give my profuse thanks to Marianne from Nuxspreads for this early and awesome Christmas-gift. Enjoy your week and the most beautiful days of the year. 
The perfect Christmas-gift-box
Frosted star-cookies
In collaboration with Nuxspreads

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