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The 'Hot Stuff' is especially for men for maximum vascularity

I am only 4 days out of my competition...time to think about my tan. 
As it's my first competition, it is also the first time that I put on stage make-up. Therefor I asked several athletes for advice and the tips that came out were nearly the same. You know that everybody looks better with a tan. Just imagine staying under very bright, hot stage lighting without any tan, you will look like a ghost. Pretty convenient now for halloween but not to for a show. But even if you have a darker natural tan you can look pasty too.  Just think of actors when you see them on stage and off stage; on stage they look normal and their make-up allows their features to be seen from a distance, but once they step closer ,they look like clowns, don't they? 

The same goes with competitors; if you want to show off your hard-earned definition and muscles, you need to get a darker tan due to the intensity of the stage lighting. Even dark-skinned athletes put on a tan as they want to avoid a yellow, grey or ashy look under the lights.
And since everybody has a different color base of the skin tone it is important to apply a tan a couple of days prior the competition. 

Here are the tips athletes gave me concerning the tanning-procedure:

1. Build a Base:

Having a base-tan is really helpful for 2 main reasons; First it makes the tanning product look more even and second if your tan runs onstage, at least there is a base underneath and the difference won't be that big.
'Building a base' means that you should start tanning at least 3 weeks out from contest, whether outside or in the tanning-bed. But don't worry about that little line under your butt cheecks or under arms, those parts are usually lighter than the rest of your body. Just make sure not to burn yourself and stop tanning a week before your show.

2. Exfoliate:

To get an even tan it is very essential to have a smooth skin. Therefore you should definitely exfoliate your skin several weeks prior to your show. The week before your show you should use a non-oil based exfoliating product like Pro Tan 'Get buffed'. This product is not oil-based and the ingredients help to balance out the PH level of the skin so it doesn't turn colors. Another tip for your exfoliating-procedure; make sure to exfoliate evenly because if there is still some old skin left in an area that has been exfoliated or waxed, once you put the tanning product on they will turn out darker than on the new skin, leading to a 'patchy' look.

3. Shave or Wax:

Of course all your body hair needs to be removed from the body so the skin has a nice and smooth look and all definition can be seen. It is freely up to you if you want to shave, wax or any other hair-removal products. But if you have never waxed before you should play safe and don't wait until the week of your show as you don't know how your skin is going to react. 
Once you applied your tan you can no longer shave. Even if there are some hairs growing back after you applied your tan, don't worry they really cannot be seen when you are on stage. 
Waxing is great too as it lasts longer than shaving but like already mentioned, if you don't know how your body will take to it, or if you have really sensitive skin, try it several weeks prior to your competition date to ensure that you don't get rashes or burns from waxing. (The same goes with hair removal products)

4. Last Minute: 

If you apply your first coat of tan, it is really important to have dry, exfoliated, hairless skin so that the tan soaks into the skin perfectly and evenly. To put on the tan you can either use a sponge or simply a painter-role. Once you put on the first layer, take a shower and let the superfluous tan run off your body without scrubbing. To dry off after the shower, I was advised to air-dry as you don't want to blur your even tan. Repeat this the day after. I was recommended to use the Universum Top Tan as the color would be perfect and in combination with the Universum Cream Tan it would bring out a flawless tan.
Another important thing is that if you have gone all day traveling and checking into your hotel , your skin will have moisture on it from sweating and the tan won't adhere well to the skin. Therefor wash your armpit areas with a soap wash cloth, as deodorant tends to stay on the skin and change the color of your tan. Even though, you are still allowed to put a small amount of body lotion on your heels, knees, elbows, hands and feet as those are places that tend to be dryer than normal skin and due to the tan they can appear darker.

5. Before the show:

Before you step on stage, meaning some hours prior to your show you can still put on some Universum Cream Tan. It makes your tan evenly darker and you will look more shiny and browner on stage due to the lights, which means that the cream tan makes your defined muscles stand out even more. 

If you follow these 5 easy tips, I am sure that you will look flawless on stage and upstage with your tan. I am thankful that I got such great advice by more experienced athletes as I am very new to this world, especially on this score. I really hope that my tan will turn out evenly and crunchy-brown, like a caramelized apple hehe. I have already been at the tanning bed a few weeks ago and took my last session last weekend so I am on the good side already. Tomorrow I will start the exfoliating and follow the other tips I got. 

I wish you all a great rest of the week. xX
Pro Tan 'Get buffed'

Universum Top Tan

Universum Cream Tan

Universum Cream Tan, looking like Cup-cake frosting hehe

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