Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Back/Shoulder Session

As already mentioned two days ago, I got a new training plan. 

And with new routines comes new muscle soreness as muscles are being stimulated and trained differently. We switched from 5 sets of 13/15/13/15/13 reps to simply 5 sets of 13, which allows me to increase the weights and also the intensity. So I don't have to occupy half of the weights in the gym anymore, as I always warm-up with lighter weights and go on with two different weights for 13 and 15 reps.

Concerning the Back-shoulder/Back session, we didn't change that much, we only changed the Barbell Rows to Negative Barbell Rows and replaced the Deadlift with the Sitting Rowing Machine, which I have never used before to be honest. It was kind of funny when I wanted to use the Rowing Machine because as I am not very tall, I had to set up the seat almost the highest so I could reach the handholds... (don't laugh at me)

Still I wasn't sure about the weight, so I warmed-up with 5kg each side and went on with 10 , then 15 and finally 20. I think it's better to try it out step by step than to look like a complete douchbag , loading up all the weights and being absolutely NOT able to lift (or in my case, row) it and look completely stupid (like most of the men when they are using a new machine)
I wonder how painful this soreness in the back will be as I still can't walk correctly because of the new leg-day I had on Monday.  Today I still feel , let's say, 'ok', let's talk about it again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow... (#liftersproblems)

Oh and the pictures were taken by a coach of the gym. Of course the staff is always super friendly when you are visiting and checking out the gym for the first time, as they want new members, but they are still all very friendly, open-minded , funny and always ready to help you out, for whatever it might be.

I hope you had a great week so far and enjoy the rest of it, only 2 more days until weekend. #youcandoit

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