Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Factory4 Fitness-Check

Maybe some of you have noticed that I have been working out in another gym this week.
As I started a full-time job in the city center, it has turned out a little stressful, if not to say impossible, to hit the gym before the famous rush hour. There is a lot of traffic on the highway and I wouldn't arrive at my old gym before everyone else. And you guys know how much I dislike it when all the weights are taken and the machines occupied. Therefor I was on the look out for another gym, even if I was very satisfied with my current gym. But I just don't want to spend my entire evening driving from one place to another and having only one hour left to chill on the couch and enjoy the spare time with my boyfriend. 

I was advised to go checkout a gym called 'Factory4'. I had already heard of it before, but I wasn't really sure if it would be worth its reputation, so I gave it a try this week. Testing while hitting a badass legsession is the best way to find out if I would feel comfortable in the gym or not. 

To get a better overview of the gym, here's some tips and advices from me: 

- About the gym: 
  • Very friendly, funny and open minded staff
  • Congenial gym-members. Instead of looking at you like a weirdo they talk to you and try to help you.
  • Beautiful entry with a small restaurant and bar. The bar is open everyday and you can also benefit from the 'take-away' service of the restaurant. Beside this, they welcome you every wednesday for an after-work party starting at 6pm. (more events are coming soon). I really love the atmosphere of that bar/restaurant, it looks so cozy and you will definitely feel comfy there.
  • Fitness-bar where you can enjoy protein shakes, protein bars and drinks (like smoothies or juices)
  • A great variety of training-methods: Functional Training, Cardio, TRX, Crossfit and group-courses (more details below) 
  • Relaxing Wellness area (2 Saunas, 1 hammam and a space to relax)
  • Big changing rooms with roomy lockers, mirrors, showers, 2 toilets and of course hair-dryers.
  • Latest high-end machines (Hammer strength, Techno-gym and Life Fitness)
  • Great variety in different machine variations, like 2 different leg-curl machines or calves machines.
  • Lots of benches and squat racks (very important for me!) 
  • Many free weights, like kettlebells, dumbbells and more. 
  • Weights are always tidied up, same goes for weight-plates
  • 3 rooms for the collective courses, whereas you can enlarge 2 smaller rooms to a bigger one.
  • Wide range of cardio machines (by Life Fitness)
  • A lot of different spots to workout. (They also have two seperate first floors) 
  • Even during rush-hour you won't have a problem to get through your routine as they try to limit the memberships. 
  • Diet-& Clothes Shop: - Dietary supplements (shakes, protein bars etc.)
    - Clothes & towels
  • Personal Training for:- Functional Training
    - Stretching
    - Rehabilitation
    - Muscular growth
    - Physique preparation
    - Stress management
  • Courses:- Cardio: Aero Box, Cardio Mix, Fit Boxing, Spinning
    - Muscular: Gym Tonic, FAC, TAF, Body Shape, TBC, Body Sculpt, Fit Pump
    - Dance: Fun Dance, Bokwa, Zumba, Tropical Dance, Step Dance
  • Cicruit training on Techno-gym machines (optional: you can also use the machines normally)
  • Very clean and tidy location. 
-Tips for your first visit:
  • As there are a lot of different spots, I highly advise to ask for a short tour through the gym to know where everything is placed. 
  • You have to pay attention when you are walking by the crossfit area as they are mainly training on the 'path'.
  • You will need a lock for your locker. (If you don't have one, you can buy it at the entry)
All in one I was very satisfied and also surprised because I didn't expect the gym to be that big and to have such a wide range of machines. I felt comfortable right away and I think if you are looking for a good gym where you can achieve your goals, whatever it might be, you are on the right track at Factory4. As far as I am concerned, I am already convinced.
Oh... and you can also have a free-day-pass to explore the gym before applying for a membership. Just tell them that you took notice of the gym through the lifting-fairy. (or Jennifer )

Have a nice Sunday evening and wish you a great start in the new week.
View from the entry
nomnom questbars 
machine-aera, trx area
lots of kettlebells
view from the top
crossfit area on the right
free weights ares
benches everywhere
Hammer Strength machines
several legpresses
cardio machines

at the bar
post workout snacks
Eenergy drinks
Train Dirty

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