Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

New Training Routines

Hey guys, sorry for the belated post.
Usually I post on Monday already, but I was quite busy and tired at the same time yesterday. There is are good news and a bad news, the good news is I know where my dizziness comes from, the bad news is that I have to visit the kinesiologist once a week for 6 weeks. This jumbles my entire plan , concerning my training sessions because I always train from Monday to Friday and have my rest-days on Saturday and Sunday. Now I have to go to the kinesiologist's on Wednesday (if we can arrange an appointment for that day ) and train on Saturday instead. But if it helps to get rid of that dizziness, I don't have the choice, do I?

Nos, let's switch over to the new training routines.
Last weekend Ken, my sister and I had (yes also my sister) had another checkup at my coach's. My diet plan looks the same, except that I also have an afternoon-snack on my low-carb days because I get up a lot earlier than usually and sometimes I am really craving in the afternoon as I can only hit the gym the earliest at 4.30 pm.

As Ken and I changed to another gym, we also have the opportunity to train on new machines which our old gym didn't have. I am happy that we changed the routines and also the reps because I got kind of bored as I had those routines for a long time now (even if I always got muscle-soreness).

I was added the Hackenschmidt-exercicse and also standing Calf-press on my first Leg-day.
The Back-shoulder/Back-Day now includes the Sitting Row-machine (alternately) and also some crunches with my legs on a bench (with weights) and leg-raises with my legs hanging from a bench (also weighted if possible) , 5 sets with max. reps.
My Pumping-Day also varied a little, I was added 2 new Super-sets: Barbell-Curls along with Overhead Cable Triceps Extension with a Rope & Cable Curls with Dumbbell Triceps Kick-Backs and another new exercise; Lying Dumbbell Triceps Pushes with a Turn. They are like the Skull-crusher, only with a dumbbell in each hand and when you extend your arm you turn the dumbbells slightly outwards to really get into the triceps.
My second Leg-day changed a lot. I got the Lying Leg-curl, the normal Leg-press, Squats on the Smith-Machine, a different variation of Step-up Lunges, Sitting Leg-extension (5reps low-middle, 5 reps middle-top and 5 whole extension), and Sitting Calf-press.
On the last training-day (shoulder,back,biceps and triceps) I now have the Sitting Cable Row, Alternate Row Machine and again Overhead Triceps Extension.

I might sound a little sadistic but I love the pain of soreness from new workouts as they push my body and muscle to new limits again and make me feel how used my muscles have been to the old routines. 
If you also got bored by your routines , don't lose your motivation, lose old exercises and add new ones to shake up your sessions. 


  1. Great to see that you are continuing to work out hard! Whenever I stop by your blog, it boosts my motivation to work out as I see the results that you're getting.


    1. hey dear!
      Thank you so much for the positive feedback I am always happy when I get to motivate other people as well :)