Freitag, 23. Januar 2015


Hey my lovely peepz. How was your week? 
Well as some of you might have read on my Facebook page I was feeling kind of dizzy the whole week and it didn't get better by now, so I am going to see the doctor on Monday. 
This really sucks, I was so motivated at the beginning of the week and on Thursday I had to stop my pump-session and today I skipped the gym. I don't want to hurt myself because I always lose balance when I am leaning forward or backward... and that's definitely not advantageous at all. 

Therefor I decided to still have a positive attitude towards the situation by using the spare-time to checkout my new toy (Sony Alpha 5100). I am totally amazed by this camera and its high-quality. So be aware, I am going to spam my walls with fancy-looking gym and food pictures #sorrynotsorry. 

But now enough of me and my stupid dizziness. Here are my favorite fitspirational #pumpingfairy posts of the week. If you haven't joined in yet, use the hashtag #pumpingfairy for your fitness and health-related posts on Instagram and off you go. 
1. lauragetsfit.14 shared a delish new vegan recipe, check t our here.
2. sopheylicious has the perfect motivational workout buddy
3. urbanvalyou's breakfast: a badass Nitrostak booster and a smoothie made of apples,pineapples and kiwi.
4. b_lume always sharing her foodspiration with us, cappuccino oatmeal topped with choco drops and a slicep pear.
5. caro_rouge has some fancy new nikes, #jealous
6. juliessmallworld's lunch: omelette with cottage cheese, broccoli and rice.
7. flouwelsch in action. proud of you, and good luck for the play offs.
8. aline_janie makes us all jealous with he awesome cheat-meal, sushi and donuts. Is there anything better?
9. pia_fit03 looking the cutest with her breakfast: protein shake with oats, banana, raspberry, white cheese, orange juice and water.


  1. Schaut nach einer tollen, gesunden und sportlichen Woche aus!

    1. Naja nicht wirklich wenn du den text gelesen hast...
      danke für´s vorbeischauen. xx