Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Review: Keeptight gear

Wear your strength

I have the great pleasure today to introduce a new brand called 'KEEPTIGHT GEAR' from Denver,Colorado in the United States.

I came across their Instagram-account by accident some months ago and I was instantly convinced by their idea of promoting a hardcore gear for women with a fierce approach to fitness and health. They want to provide the ultimate fitness excursion through their products and brand. Melanie B. & her husband Eric B. wanted to create something new. Something hardcore. Something different.

'Wear your strength' embodies their belief that what you choose to wear is a direct result of the effort and passion you put into your goals. I mean if this doesn't motivate you to dig deeper...and oh by the way, Keeptight is absolutely disassociated from men's sportswear. Girls only,yeah!

Now let's get over to the clothes  themselves.
Fortunately I was able to test the most essential of their items, meaning a pair of capri tights, a tank-top and their fleece-hoodie (of course in black and pink). At the first glance, I was already convinced by the design, the cuts and of course the colors... I mean, they are pink? (#girlygirl). Not to forget to mention that the fabrics feel extremely comfortable and cozy. Well that was only a first impression... 
As I always want to be 100% honest with you, I took those tights to the max... And well,they could even stand up to a badass legsession. The tights didn't chafe nor rub and they have always been in the right position. During my workouts they felt extremely comfortable and cozy, just like a second skin. The same goes for the super pink tank of course. 

If you love challenges and train without wasting time and are extremely health-conscious, especially when it comes to fitness, nutrition and lifting weights. If you love to inspire your friends and family and many other people.If you are a fighter and don't take 'no' as an answer, you are a Keeptight girl and deserve to wear your strength. 

Keep tight.

Tank-top & tights
Everything pink and black
Keeptight gear in action
Close-up of my fleece-hoodie
In collaboration with Keeptight gear.