Freitag, 30. Januar 2015


My weekend couldn't start any better, even if I am feeling totally sore and can hardly move.
First of all, I have my favorite training day of the week... right, LEGDAY! 
Second, we finally got some snow again here in Luxembourg, which really makes me happy, even if the snow doesn't stay and even if it's freezing cold.
And last but not least, we cracked the 3.000 likes on my Facebook-page and I have to say that I am so thankful for every single like.

When I started my Facebook-page, (not even a year ago!) I never thought that it would have so much success and get so many likes in such a short period of time. The same goes for my Instagram account and of course my blog.
I can call myself lucky to have such a kind and positive fitfam 'around me' on my social medias. You really keep me going with your daily nice and warm words. For some of you I have already become kind of an inspiration (for which I feel truly honored), but people, you are also a great inspiration and motivation for me, believe me or not. 

Therefor I hope that you won't miss the voting for the Miss FIBO Power Beauty from the 1st of February to the 28th of February. I need every possible vote to get a top8 ranking in the Online-Voting to participate at the 'Miss FIBO Power Beauty' Competition in Cologne in April. Don't worry I will surely inform you and share the link to vote as soon as the voting is open.

That said, here are my favorite #pumpingfairy posts from this week.
Enjoy your weekend my loves.
1. sarah_48612  and her supporter-team, the 'orange' one looks quite confused hihi
2. pumpupapp sharing a guest post of me (thanks again!)
3. carolegoerend on a rainy 12km run
4. pia_fit03 already lost 11kg, great transformation and inspiration (Keep going )
5. xeniia_93 taking gym-selfies with barbiebeeeee
6. aline_janie showing off her great progress
7. sopheylicious is happy because she also lost two more kilos (good job!)
8. urbanvalyou enjoying a delicious and healthy egg-protein-shake by Powerfood's J-M.B
9. lauragetsfit_14 making us jealous with that beautiful place she has around the corner on a run.

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