Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

#pumpingfairy Friday

Ahhh... Finally it's Friday.
Yep I already sound like everybody else who is working. Well I am no saying that I don't like my job, but I have to admit that I am not used to getting up that early anymore. I already start work at 7am, so I have to get up at 5.30am. You surely think I am crazy, don't' you? But the thing is, I can stop work at 4pm already, which is more practical for me as I can hit the gym without a problem afterwards. So a little sacrifice has to be made. Therefor I am happy that I can sleep a little longer tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The hardest part is to actually get out of my warm and cozy bed... I think everybody can relate, right? When I am up, I definitely have to take my energy booster to wake up. I don't need need and I don't drink coffee, I have my energy booster which is a lot healthier and definitely much more delicious.

But let's switch over to you. It's already the 3rd week of 2015 (well actually the 2nd, but to be correct the 3rd)... Did you still stick to your good intentions or are they already fading away? (I hope not ) If you've stuck to them, you can be very proud of yourself because a lot of people already chuck them in after two weeks. Hold strong, you can do it. You have already come so far that giving up would be such a pity for you and your goals. 

  1. caro_rouge getting it on for legday
  2. pia_fit03 's breakfast: oats, raspberry, white cheese, water and applesauce
  3. t.vani08 and her running buddy, fluffy balls ftw!
  4. melinas_suesses_leben has a new pair of tough-looking training-gloves
  5. clairshess doing some stretching
  6. sarah_48612 is a tea-lover par excellence.
  7. lauragetsfit.14 got new tights. Absolutely fantastic dear!
  8. b_lume had a coconut-chia pudding topped with puffed amaranth,blueberries,crushed almonds and strawberries as a post-workout snack
  9. urbanvalyou and her fluffiest buddy on a morning-run

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