Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

First Legsession in 2k15


So yesterday was my first working-day and also my first leg-session in 2015, and to be honest, it was quite heavy. As I really want to improve my shape from the last season, the need to focus and push even harder is out of question. So after wearing my favorite heels all day long, I was still happy to finally put on my fancy and comfy nikes to hit my leg workout. And there we have the first problem already... As I was wearing heels the whole day, I constantly had cramps in my feet.But this didn't allure me from digging deeper... 

As always, I started my workout with 5 sets of alternate leg-extensions and 5 sets of leg-curls , with a warm-up set to begin with. I prefer to do the leg-curl&-extension alternately to prevent using one leg more than the other.

After that I went on to the stiffed legs deadlifts, which has also become one of my favorite exercises as you can really focus on your hamstrings. And again a warm-up set to begin with, which is very important to prevent injuries, especially with exercises that demand a little stretch (e.g stiffed legs deadlift, lunges, squats and so on). Normally I do normal squats on the smith machine, but I wanted to change my routine a little bit as muscles become accustomed very fast to your routines and I want to build stronger and leaner legs for the next season. So instead of normal squats I changed to sumo-squats.
For those who don't know what sumo-squats are, here a short explanation: Sumo squats are also known as wide-leg squats and include different types of resistance as your strength improves. (kettle-bells or dumbbells) If you use weights ,such as kettle-bells or dumbbells, hold onto the handle with your arms straight down your torso so the bell is between your legs. Bend your knees and lower until the bottom of the bells touches the floor. (I prefer to stand on two benches to squat deeper.)

To finish my leg-session, I also did 5 sets of curtsy lunges, 5 sets on the 45degree leg-press (not alternately, as I will do this on my 2nd leg-day) and of course 5 sets calf-press on the 45d. leg-press. Honestly, I was happy when I finished my routine, and somehow the cramps in my feet didn't really disappeared... Therefor I skipped the cardio but did some planks and hanging crunches instead.

All in one I am very satisfied with my workout . Even if I suffered from cramps, I didn't interrupt my training, which makes me kind of proud of myself. 
I hope you had a great start in the new week as well and that the rest of the week won't be too stressful.
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