Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

#pumpingfairy Fitspiration

It's Fitspiration time again. 
After a while I finally recognized that my fitfam got a little more active since the festive days and hold on to the good intentions of working out more and eating healthier. If anybody hasn't told you this, I will do it now: I am proud of every single one of you who kept up the good work. I know it has been only a little more than a week now, but every new beginning can be hard and I know that supporting and motivating each other is very important to reach the goals easier.
Therefor, if anybody of you is in search for mutual motivation and fitspiration, you are always welcome to join our fitfam by using the hashtag #pumpingfairy for every fitness&health related post on Instagram. Hereby I also welcome all the new members who joined in a few days ago and of course everyone who is yet to come. I am really happy that our little fitness-family is growing and sticking together. 
  1. xxbeliieberxx doesn't need a gym to stay fit and healthy
  2. fashionbarbecue 's fancy and sporty christmas-gifts
  3. lauragetsfit.14 enjoying a delicious dinner
  4. t.vani08 doing a LISS session with her fluffy ball
  5. lowcarb_bymanu 's ass-ome 2month transformation (congrats!)
  6. pia_fit03 flexing them muscles
  7. caro_rouge 's pre-crossfit selfie
  8. sarah_48612 and her smoothie-love
  9. keepcalm_workhard showing off the best supplements in the world, namely Powerfood's J-M.B (great choice!)

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