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AloeVera Benefits

Hey dears!Today I would like to talk a bit about the benefits of Aloe Vera to you.
It is quite an incredible plant and belongs to the the lily family (lat. Liliaceae).
You can use it internal but also external.
I love having an Aloe Vera shot in the morning as it is known for numerous healthy reasons. I also add it to my smoothies as it is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids.
No wonder this plant has been used for over 5000 years by us.

Here is a list of this plant's benefits :

1. High in Vitamins & Minerals:

Aloe Vera contains a lot of vitamins (A,C,E,folicacid,choline, B1,B2,B3,B6,B12) and around 20 minerals (Calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium and many more)

2. High in Amino Acids & Fatty Acids:

Amino acids are important if you want to build muscle. Your body needs about 22 amino acids while 8 of them are essential. Aloe Vera contains 18-20 amino acids , with all 8 essential amino acids.
It also has a big amount of fatty acids which are important for your cholesterol and lower the fats in the blood and help to reduce symptoms of allergies and acid indigestion.

3. Aloe Vera as a adaptogen:

Aloe Vera is also know as a great adaptogen, which boosts your body's natural ability to adapt to external changes and resist illness. So Aloe Aera balances your body's system, stimulates the defense and adaptive mechanisms of your body. This makes you cope better with stress.

4. Helps with your digestion: 

A properly functioning digestive tract is very important for your health. Aloe Vera soothes and cleanses the digestive tract and helps improve your digestion. It also helps to decrease the amount of unfriendly bacteria and keeps your flora in balance.

5. Detoxifies:

Just like the seaweeds and Chia seed, Aloe Vera is a gelatinous plant food. It's gels move through the intestinal tract and absorb toxins along the way, which then get eliminated through the colon. This will help you with a proper elimination of the toxins your body contains. 

6. Cardiovascular health:

If you consume Aloe Vera gel, this multiplies the oxygen transportation and diffusion capabilities of the red blood cells.Aloe Vera also reduces the risk of heart disease because it regulates blood pressure, improves circulation and oxidation of the blood , lowers your cholesterol and makes your blood less sticky. 

7. Helps boost the immune system: 

 Aloe Vera stimulates white blood cells of your immune system that fight against viruses. This plant is an immune enhancer, because of his wide range of anti-oxidants that help fight the unstable compounds known as free-radicals that contribute to the aging-process.

8. Great for your skin:

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties for the skin. It is also known for healing wounds like burns, abrasions, psoriasis and even bug bites. 
And due to it's high amount of water content (99%), it hydrates and moisturizes your skin. 
This increases the elasticity of the skin.
Supplementing with just 1200mg of Aloe Vera has been found to prevent wrinkles and keep you looking young.

9. Weight Loss:
The Aloe Vera plant improves your digestion and detoxifies your body which will promote weight loss. The moment our digestion starts to improve our toxic load will be less and we will feel more energetic.

Personal experience:

I've been drinking Aloe Vera since 1 1/2 year and it makes me feel better and better. First I was very skeptical about it as I couldn't imagine that something like this could make a difference. Before  I had headaches twice a week, minimum,now I only have a headache once a month.

My skin has become a bit better, as well as my digestion  and I don't get sick that easily anymore. I really recommend this Aloe Vera drink gel to everyone! It has a super delicious taste. And if you don't like the taste well you simply add it to your smoothies or juices and you can still benefit from the plant. 

By the way I am not only consuming Aloe Vera drink gel, but I am also using Aloe Vera cosmetics as I think that you should only put something in your face that you could also eat. I love the smell of the creams.

If you want more information about Aloe Vera products, click HERE.

P.S Aloe Vera is also good for your fur-ever friends!

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