Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Breakfast, important or not?

Hey my dear!

How do you usually start your day? Do you like having breakfast or do you skip your breakfast because you don't have the time, or just because you are not hungry in the morning? I love to have breakfast, for me sleep is like a time machine to breakfast, awesome! It's my favorite meal of the day , not only because you can eat so many delicious things but it is also the most important meal of the day!

But why is breakfast the most important meal of the day, you may ask now? 

Let's have a closer look:

  • Having breakfast in the morning is important because if you eat breakfast, you are most likely to lose weight. And with 'breakfast' I don't mean having breakfast at Mcdonald's or having a piece of cake at Starbuck's. I mean having a REAL breakfast, like wholewheat toasts with salmon, chicken-breast, an egg, peanut-butter, honey and so on. If you need some ideas for a HEALTHY breakfast click HERE.

  • Having breakfast is a good way to get your metabolism working better for the day. If you eat in the morning, your body tells your brain that you are going to need to start working to digest it which wakes up the system and warm ups your metabolism. So you are ready to steady!

  • If you skip breakfast, your body still thinks that it needs to keep its energy because it isn't getting any through nutrition which actually slows down your metabolism , which then results in a decreased amount of calories burnt during the day. 

  • Plus, if you don't have breakfast, you are more likely to fail through the day because if you don't feed your body for several hours, like from 8am to 12pm, you maybe turn into a grumpy-cat and already get hungry early in the day. Then, when you are going to have lunch, you mostly choose something high in fat and calories to satisfy your cravings. And again if you then can hold out until dinner without eating anything, you are more likely to snack the whole evening.Not good at all!

  • I don't know how you feel when you haven't eaten for breakfast, but when I have to skip my breakfast I can get really grumpy and pissed off, especially as long as I don't get to eat anything. So by having a good breakfast it is a bit easier to stay in a good mood as you don't crave for some fatty foods or whatever. So by having a healthy meal in the morning, you help your body to control your blood sugar levels through lunchtime, which plays a vital role in your mood. Believe me! When I skipped breakfast and went right to school I was so damn grumpy until lunch time and I could hardly concentrate in class!

  • So now you may be saying, ' But I don't have the time to get up and have breakfast' or ' I am working shifts , I don't have the time or I can't eat '... Well how do you think bodybuilders or fitness athletes are supposed to eat enough and balanced? RIGHT! They prepare their food and put it in boxes! If you are searching for such boxes click HERE

  • Now that you have no excuses at all, get your little butt up a little earlier than usual and prepare yourself a healthy meal! 

  • If you really don't have the time to prepare something the morning itself,prepare yourself a smoothie the day before, which you can drink while driving to work or to school, but don't cause an accident, that would be a very unhealthy breakfast!

Have a nice day and enjoy your breakfast !

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