Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Sushi: Cheat meal or not?

Are you on love with sushi as much as I am? Because I could eat sushi for breakfast, as mid-morning snack, for lunch, afternoon-snack , for dinner and even as a night snack. You see, I am a real sushi-addict! 
Before I started my preparation I always considered sushi as a cheat meal, and therefor I only ate sushi once a week. But is it really a cheat or more like a healthy treat? 

Let's have a closer look: 
  • Before ordering your sushi plate, make sure to start with a miso soup, as it's low in calories (75 calories for one cup) and it helps to fill up a bit. So you don't run the risk of over-eating with sushi. 
  • If you love wasabi, go ahead! Personally I don't like wasabi at all, which is a pity because it is packed with antioxidants like isothiocyanates which gives a great anti-cancer punch. You don't even need to eat a lot of it to reap the benefits, great isn't it? 
  • What about that little pile of ginger that you always have on your plate? Ginger really helps to boost the immune system as an effective antimicrobial and antiviral agent. It is also a great source of potassium, magnesium , copper and manganese. Same here, eat it!
  • If you love soy sauce as much as I do, especially the sweet one, ask for reduced-sodium soy sauce,if possible. Normally they are packed with a lot of sodium which isn't that good for your body anyways.

Now let's go over to the main course, sushi! 
Here are some explanations and tips how you can enjoy a HEALTHY treat:
  • Sushi is the definition of a low-fat meal but if you are not eating it the right way, it's not low-fat at all! 
  • If you really want to benefit from sushi, go for pieces that are high in omega-3, such as salmon and tuna. They are both low in calories , high in protein and omega-3 and they also deliver a lot of vitamin D, which is very important for your body.
  • Focus on ordering pieces that have been steamed or grilled, like sashimi because it's actually only the fish without any rice or extra ingredients.
  • Try to stay away from the delicious crunchy stuff which have been deep-fried to get that golden crust. ' The less fancy the roll, the better!' , always keep this in mind. 
  • And please, don't do the same mistake as I, stay away from the delicious special rolls covered or filled with a creamy yummy sauce! Order sushi without any mayonnaise or cream cheese fillings. (Which isn't traditional anyways)
  • And if you are a real vegetarian or if you love the veggie-rolls with fresh cucumbers, avocados or sea vegetables, you are on the bright side already. Sea vegetables are a real powerful healing food that is full of nutrients like vitamin K, magnesium and folate. So it's the best kind of a treat-meal!
  • You now that the are huge amounts of fiber in brown rice, that is also important for maintaining a healthy digestion and regular bowel movements, so if possible, as your sushi with brown rice. It's a great source of manganese, selenium and magnesium. Always keep in your head that each sushi roll has about one cup of white rice in it. This can easily ass up to a lot of extra calories if you are eating several rolls. Opt for sashimi rather than maki sushi. 

If you follow some of these tips you can easily enjoy your sushi as a healthy treat or even as a healthy lunch or dinner. But if you really want to spoil yourself , go for the fancy and crusty rolls and enjoy them! That's the most important thing. If you don't enjoy your cheat-meals or if you feel guilty afterwards , save your money for other things because sushi is not cheap at all! Try to enjoy your treats without feeling guilty because you earned it!

And please don't believe this:
' Using chopsticks may help you to eat more slowly than shoveling food in with the very-easy-to-use fork or spoon' 
That's complete bull****! I am a chopstick-pro and I eat even more fast when using chopsticks than using a fork haha... 

Have a great saturday and enjoy your cheat-meals!



  1. I'm a huge fan of sushi! Craving some after checking your post ;)

    1. I am a huge fan too :D I could eat sushi all the time! Well, at least now you know how to enjoy it in a healthy way ;)
      xx Jennifer

  2. Beautiful post!xx
    I love your amazing blog!
    would you mind checking out my blog?
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Hey thank you my dear! I will have a look at your blog immediately ;)

      xox Jennifer

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  4. Oh gosh! That is absolutely amazing! I tried observing myself when it comes to eating sushi. I naturally expect that eating sushi would be a lot healthier than eating pizza, but I end up eating way more than what I intend to, which defeats the purpose. Hahaha! Your tips on how to ensure that one eats right, even with something that's healthy are really amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, especially those yummy looking pictures! I think I should try making my own batch of healthy sushi later. Happy eating!

    Eddie Munoz @ Mikuni

    1. Hey! Thank you for your positive feedback on my post! I really appreciate that :)
      Yes of course it is healthier than a pizza, but still in moderation and if you consider those tips you won't do anything wrong :)

      Enjoy your day xx