Donnerstag, 24. April 2014


Hey guys!What's up?
#firstwoldathleteproblems : How often did I wish to have one single box to carry around my snacks and supps,instead of having to stuff everything into multiple boxes. Some weeks ago, when I was at FIBO in Cologne, I came across something called 'GoStak'.

GoStak consists basically in a couple of small jars that secure tightly your powders, vitamins or snacks. After trying it all by myself I can say that liquids are no issue either. The small jars don't leak at all and can be put together to fit your needs It's perfect if you don't want to carry numerous boxes around. You just pack what you need into the Gostack's different jars and off you go! Another plus : GoStak fits inside your BlenderBottleClassic and into your SportMixer !

Click HERE to get your own Gostack

The different color choices
Different ways to use your GoStak:

  • For a healthy use: 

3. Egg, so it doesn't crack in your pocket!
4. Snack, Almonds

4. Snack

3. Goji-Berries
4. Dark Chocolate

  • For a greedy use:

1. Mini oreos
2. Cookies 
3. M&M's

How to safe space:

Put your GoStak into your SportMixer

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  1. Great post and pictures!:)