Montag, 14. April 2014

When life gives you lemons

Hey! There you are!

Another week just started and I don't now how you feel but usually I feel a bit tired on mondays, already... 
But what do you do if life gives you something better than work and meetings? like lemons? 
Exactly, you make the best out of it!
And as some of you might know, lemons have a lot of benefits. 
So today we will be talking about lemons, what you can do with lemons and how to 'use' them to do something good for your body:

Make yourself lemon infused water, also called lemon water. 
First of all, if you want to know how to make lemon water click HERE.
Now that you now how to make lemon water yourself,let's have a look at its benefits:

  • Drinking lemon infused water is regarded by many pro-nutrionnists as having real weight-loss powers.Drinking this magic potion will help you to speed up weight-loss. 
  • But how? In addition to a proper diet, drinking lemon-water, ensures that some of your toxins that your body contain are flushed out, it also gives you a quick energy boost and even cleans out some of your internal waste.
  • If you drink your lemon water in the morning, it will help activate your body's detoxifying process and natural cleansing process. 
  • If your colon is not proper , there is lingering waste that can build up and contribute to an increased risk of colon cancer over time. Those wastes add weight to your body. So by drinking lemon water everyday, they will be flushed out with greater frequency. 
  • Lemon water also helps out the digestive system by reducing the chances for diarrhea and constipation, as it promotes fluid bowel functions.
  • As lemons contain a lot of pectin fiber, it will help you to reduce your hunger. While trying to kill your appetite, just drink some lemon water. So you will clean your body and you will reduce your cravings. 
  • Also,by replacing your daily drinks with lemon water, you not only speed up your metabolism, you also safe a lot of calories that you would have consumed by drinking soda, bottle juices or whatever. Just imagine all the calories saved if you drink lemon water for months or even years!
The more lemon water you drink, the more you are likely to speed up your metabolism and lose weight. 

If you drink lemon water, make sure to drink it in moderation as lemons contain a lot of citric acid that can cause damages to your body.


  1. This post is great :) I knew that water with lemon is healthy but I didn't why but now I do :) Thanks!

    1. Hey!
      Thank you a lot for your positive feedback!
      I am learning too while researching fir my posts.
      I am happy that you like the post!

      xx Jennifer

  2. I really love these pictures! I think you would enjoy my blog as well. I will stay tuned to more posts!

  3. Hey merci fir dai léiwe Kommentar :) kommen oft hei laanscht bzw. op denger FB page liesen ech ab und zu, mais meeschtens sin ech ze faul fir ze kommentéieren :D

    Munchmol drénken ech och warm Zitroun, misst ech mol méi oft, ass e gudd "Rezept".

    bis dann :*