Samstag, 14. Juni 2014


Hey guys! 
Are you enjoying your weekend so far? Well, mine just started kind of awesome! I just came home from our second check-up at J-M.B.'s. Honestly I thought he wouldn't be satisfied at all, because I wasn't... But that's the biggest problem with competitors, you are never really satisfied with yourself and you don't really see the changes because you see yourself everyday in the mirror. You don't even notice the difference until you look at a before/after pic. 

So, now about the check-up:

Jean-marie took the usual pictures of us, but I also posed fitness-style , meaning different from my shape-poses. For now, I only want to compete in 'shape' class, while he thinks fitness would fit me too, that's why I also posed differently. But let's see how my body reacts and how it will change during this whole process of shredding...
For those who don't know yet, you have 3 different categories for women; shape , fitness and figure. 'Shape' is the one you mostly see on Instagram that is also called 'bikini'. 'Fitness' is something between real bodybuilding and 'shape' , well and 'figure' is real body building for women. But when I am talking about bodybuilding, I am not talking about the category but about the whole process of building your body. Got it? ok...
After this,my ego and motivation was pushed to the absolut limits as my coach was pretty satisfied with my results after only two weeks. Great, isn't it? Then he measured my BFP (BodyFatPercentage)... Hold yourself... It decreased by 4%, in only 2 weeks!!! That's what I call an AWESOME start of the weekend!!! 
I really needed this ego-booster as I was feeling a bit down yesterday evening because I thought I wouldn't have made any positive changes, but now that I looked at the pictures from now and then, wow...! 
Jean-marie also changed my diet for the next two weeks, meaning no carbs in the evening for me anymore, and a fewer carbs during the day. Plus, instead of oat-bran, pineapple-juice and chicken ham, I now have quinoa-crackers with STRAWBERRIES and chicken ham on my rest-days. I am already looking forward to the next week hehe. 
Now I got to go again, I still need to study a bit today because this afternoon I am going to look for my first pair of competition heels already as I will have a posing work-shop next weekend! 

See you soon!

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