Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Fairy at Blogger Closet Sale

Hey guys! 
Here I am again, with a little review of our first Blogger Closet Sale here in Luxembourg. 
When we all met for the first time at the Blogger Brunch a couple of months ago, the idea came up to organize a Closet Sale to get rid of all our clothes to have a reason to go shopping again without feeling guilty hehe. It was great seeing all the luxembourgish bloggers again as they are so open-minded and friendly and it was actually a great afternoon. 

Every blogger brought something delicious to eat. We had baby-cupcakes, muffins, green-tea-cakes, sparkling-muffins and sparkling-cake, chocolate dipped marshmallow  and of course I brought some delicious but healthy quinoa brownies, (get the recipe here). But best of all, it was FREE! 
I think the main reason why we didn't had that much traffic on the sale was because the date was a bit unhappily chosen, as it was a holiday, mother's day in Luxembourg and about 30degrees. I think almost everybody was in a park or enjoying a cool swim in a pool, am I right?I honestly would have preferred to do the same... I don't think that we sold that much as there haven't been a lot of people stopping by, but we enjoyed a great afternoon and it was a pleasure chatting with other bloggers again. 

Next time we will organize the Blogger Sale a bit better, meaning to chose a better date and most of all a more centered location. I will keep you updated about this for sure! 

Talk to you soon and enjoy the rest of your week my lovely ones!

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