Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Follow my Food

Hey there!
Finally it's Friday again, which means for some of you 'enjoying the weekend'. Well, I don't make any difference between week and weekend at the moment as I am studying everyday for my exam...only 25 days to go... I am starting to get nervous day by day and I hope that the day itself I won't die... 
But now let's forget all the serious things in our lives that tear us down and get to something more interesting and pleasant... FOOD! 

Since I started my preparation 2 weeks ago on a Monday morning, I was asked so many times about my food. How much do I eat, how often do I eat , but most of all what exactly do I eat. 
First of all you have to know that I got 2 different eating programs. One is for training-days and the other for rest-days, which is logical because I burn more calories on training days than on rest-days. 

On training days I have eggs,spelt bread and stewed apples for breakfast. As a mid-morning snack I get wheysted. Lunch is a juicy beef steak with quinoa and a salad made of tomatoes and cucumber.My afternoon snack consists of quinoa crackers, tuna and some pineapple and to finish my training day I enjoy a delicious chicken steak with a potato and broccoli, and before going to sleep I make myself a casein-pudding. 

And this is what my day looks like on rest-days: For breakfast I get wheysted then, as a mid-morning-snack I have a bowl of oat-bran with pineapple-juice and some chicken ham besides. My lunch comprises turkey steak, green beans and yummy sweet potatoes. Afternoon snack is some whey again and nuts. Later in the evening I get to enjoy salmon, cod and carrots and again to finish my day I have my famous casein pudding. 

I have to admit that I thought my diet would be so monotonous and dry that I would have struggle to get through it , but as you can see it's not boring at all! I am so happy that my diet is so varied and that I have so many food-options.
For example :  I cook my steak in a mix made of olive-oil, garlic, pepper and oregano. Quinoa is being cooked in a diet-bouillon and over my tomato-cucumber-salad I pour a little bit of olive oil,lemon vinegar and some salt-free spices. In the evening I often have a jacket-potato, broccoli-chips and a chicken-steak which is cooked the same way as my beef-steak, because I simply love it.
You see, a diet can be quite awesome if you make something out of it! 

Have a nice weekend fitfam!


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