Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Fancy Friday

Hey my faithful readers!

Finally it's Friday again... wohoo! And how could you start your weekend better than shopping some new fancy gym apparel, online, without leaving the house? That's hardly impossible!
I hope that you still come and have a look at my posts even though I am not able to blog every day. As I already explained in earlier posts, I am recently studying for an exam and therefor I don't have that much time left to blog as I need to get my meals done, hit some badass routines in the gym 4 times a week and so on. But now, enough of my busy life!
Have fun shopping and see you soon!

Oh! Before I forget, next week I won't be able to blog more than 3 times possibly as I will leave for 2 days for Munich with my sister ( Fashionarbecue ) for some blog-stuff and I will be at the Rock-a-field festival here in Luxembourg for the whole next weekend. But stay tuned...I will definitely create a post about my food-prep for the festival!

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