Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Finally I got them!

Yes , I finally have my very own business cards! 
Slowly but surely, things are getting pretty professional. When I am done with all that studying, I will be able to focus more on my blog, I promise!
I am trying to update you as much as I can, but I don't find myself very often having free-time to create an article for my lovely fitfam.
I am really sorry for that, but as soon as I finished this exam I will be back with some super cool news, hopefully! I am not revealing to much now, otherwise it wouldn't be interesting anymore. 

I ordered these business cards from my sister's boyfriend. He has his own agency, called Gecko Group. They are doing a great job since a couple of years. I love to work with them as they are super friendly, of course, and they have the best and the most updated ideas ever. (The cards are speaking for themselves, aren't they?). So if you are ever in need of business cards, flyers, or a web design you know who to ask! 

By the way, if you don't have any plans yet for tomorrow, stop by at our Blogger Closet Sale! You will be able to enjoy some really fancy drinks along with delicious selfmade cakes made by ourselves! You can shop the closets from:

Of course my closet as well.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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