Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Grocery shopping for champions

Hey there!
Yesterday Ken and I went grocery shopping again at 'Provencale' here in Luxembourg. But this time we were a bit better organized than 2 weeks ago. Last time we spent about 2 hours at the 'Provencale'... Yup, we were a bit lost because first of all. First of all we didn't know that we had to take a list at the entry on which we will have to stick the etiquettes from the weighted veggies, fruits, meat and fish and second we were busy to not get lost in this huge hall...errwww!
But yesterday, it took us only 1/2 hour! First of all we went for the lean beef, which we ordered cut in different portions. Instead of waiting for 20 minutes we decided to get the turkey and the chicken steaks and last but not least the salmon and the cod, which I lately cut into portions at home.
If you ever go to 'Provencale' to buy fruits or veggies, don't forget to take a jacket! It's so freaking cold at the vegetable and fruit department... like 'catching-a-cold-'-cold!!! Believe me! Now that we had our fruits and veggies we picked up our juicy steaks and returned straight home because we didn't want our delicious fresh meat to turn wicked. That wouldn't be cool at all!
Oh, and before I leave, if you ever want to cut your meat on your own at home, I highly recommend ceramics knives. (I bought ours at IKEA) They are so damn sharp so that you will surely have no problem cutting your meat. But be careful!
In two weeks I will write a little review about my first month of my preparation. So stay tuned! 
See you soon!

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