Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Preparation is the key

Hey people! 
Are you enjoying the last couple of hours of your weekend? I am really productive right now. I had some spare time today, and as my following week will be a bit more stressful than the last one, I decided to prepare my food for the next 3 days. 

Usually I don't do this because I like my food to be totally fresh when I eat it. Have you ever noticed the difference between a fresh cooked beef steak and a microwaved beef steak? It's such a huge difference. Sometimes you have no other choice than to prepare your meals and plan your whole week. Especially when there's only 3 weeks left until a really important exam.

''Fail to prepare & Prepare to fail! '' remember? That's why I bought a Filofax a month ago. I turned it into a Fitness-Filofax as some of my faithful readers might already know. It helps me a lot to keep my eyes on my whole week. I am not only writing down my workouts, but I also log in my meals, my appointments or whatsoever. (+Filofax UK)

Honestly it wasn't a big deal to prepare my meals for the next 3 days. I only had to cut garlic, prepare some quinoa (that actually cooks itself by the way) and cook my beef, chicken and turkey. The vegetables were already unfrozen so I only had to scale and put them into my Tupperwares (+Tupperware Brands Corporation) The fish, salmon and cod , doesn't need to be cooked as I prefer to eat them raw along with the carrots. It's time-saving and it's easier for me to scrape the plate, don't ask me why. Now I only need to get my supplements done and then I'm gonna hop into the couch and finish the weekend with a nice movie.

Have a nice Sunday-eve!

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