Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Fairy at ING night-marathon


That's me on our way to Limpertsberg by feet.
Yesterday my sister (fashionbarbecue) and I went to our capital to support the ING night-marathon-runners. It's one of the best events you can enjoy here in little Luxembourg as a lot of foreigners are coming to visit Luxembourg , whether to run the marathon or just to support their friends and families who participate. 

Actually I wanted one of the balloons, but we later went to a restaurant so no balloon for me...

Did someone just call me or am I fantasizing again?
We go to this event every single year because it's the only real big event where you'll have thousand of people in the capital. Some of them are making music or dancing to support the runners , and the spectators are being entertained by the different runners who disguised themselves as cat woman, batman, bunny, clowns, ballerinas in a tutu, some are even wearing a morphsuit...

A little souvenir from the event.
That's the one running in a morphsuit... I would choke after 1 km haha
You can enjoy a great party the moment you arrive at the LuxExpo at Kirchberg, which is also the arrival for the runners. There are also a lot of voluntaries who help handing out the food and drink supplies to the runners or help to set up the whole event. People like them need to be, THANK YOU for making ING night-marathon such a success for our beautiful capital!

Water supply
Oranges, the perfect snack on the run!
I will load up further impressions on my Facebook page during the day. So if you want to know if I took a pic of you while running or supporting, have a visit! Here is the link. 

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