Samstag, 15. März 2014

Fancy Sportswear

Hey, my lovely Fitfam!

It is weekend, yaay ! Which menas that we got some time to talk about something which every woman loves: Clothes !

I know some of you might have heard these (lame) sayings already :
' If you workout you don't have to look like barbie', 'You don't have take care of your looks, you are here to workout', 'The gym is not a catwalk', and so on..
But I think that even if you workout, you should definitely feel comfortable in your skin.
I have to admit that I don't like to workout when I don't feel good in my ''work-out stuff'.
What about you?

In my opinion you can work out like a beast and still look fancy like a fairy.
Which is why I'm sharing with you this super pretty sports-gear.

(I love the Nike Pro Shorts , and Nike's training shoes, super comfy !)


1)Purple Shorts here 2)Pink Kari Traa Active Bra here 3)Nike Air Pegasus here 4)Pink Nike Pro Shorts here 5) Kari Traa Matilde Jacket here 6)Reebok Pump25th here 7)Champion Waterbottle here 8)Blue Kari Traa Active Bra here 9)Nike Lunarglide here 10)Neon Nike Pro Shorts here 11)Kari Traa Pulse Socks here 

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