Mittwoch, 26. März 2014


Hey Fitfam!

Today will be all about supplements. 
I thought this would be a good idea as I visited my favorite Fitness Shop, Powerfood's JMB in Luxembourg, yesterday to get some new supps. I simply love this shop and it's products because  JMB ( the owner) takes the supplements himself and I know that he takes real good care to only use  high-quality ingredients in his products
I was talking a bit with the owner, Jean-Marie Bermer, who's a certified nutritional consultant and who will be preparing and coaching me for my very first competition. Therefore we're talking expert-level.
We had a great discussion about how people misunderstand the use of supplements( like Whey Protein, Casein, Fat-burner, the famous Protein-bars etc.) and about all the prejudices people have when you take supplements.
Yesterday's shopping at Powerfood's JMB

Well first of all, most people think that you have to take a bunch of supplements to get jacked. That's what the supplement industry would like you to believe as they spend a lot of money to try to convince you. You can actually spend a fortune every month filling up your cabinets with pre-workout, intra-workout and post workout supplements, boosters and more.
If you believe half of the hype you read in supplement advertisements or on their labels, you will sooner or later realize the simple truth about it:

Almost everything you see in the world of workout supplements is utterly worthless and actually a complete waste of money.

The VERY BIG supplement companies are cashing in BIG on a little trick that your mind can play on ,also known as the placebo effect. It's actually a scientifically proven mind-game. 

Unfortunately, many guys think that the shiny new super bottle of ''muscle-maximizing' pills will work, sometimes they actually do 'feel them working'' , but later they realize that the ingredients have never been scientifically proven and are unable to fulfill any promises the company made.

After all the gossip about the big companies, I will show you that not every supplement is a waste of money:
  • Whey Protein:
Protein powder is convenient and helps you reach your daily protein requirements. If you can fill up your daily protein requirement with natural food , that's awesome of course!
Iso-Whey , Apple taste . The only Protein I can drink with water without any problems!

Iso-Whey, Cherry Taste. 

  • Multi-Vitamin Pills:
Multi-vitamins provide your body with the micronutrients it may not be getting from the food you eat. 
  • Fish oil:
Omega-3 is a fabulous supplement which has many benefits; 
- Reduced muscle soreness / inflammation
- Improved weight loss 
- Improved protein synthesis
- Increased insulin sensitivity

  • Creatine:
Creatine is a safe and effective way to improve strength and muscle growth

  • Casein:
- Greater muscle retention
- Greater fat loss
- Helps protect against colon cancer
- Higher quality of protein

  • A good pre-workout drink:
If you have a good pre-workout drink , you may have a nice kick of energy and , depending on the ingredients, it can actually help improve your performance in the gym.
Special-Pro 90 Casein, Strawberry Taste 
While the supps I just listed are worthwhile, don't think that going without them will prevent you from reaching your goals. If you're tight on cash, you may better spend the money on high-quality food instead. 

If you are searching for a VERY GOOD Protein Pancake mix, I recommend this one:
Take 100grams of JMB's Pancake mix with 200ml Water or Milk. You may add some berries if you like, PERFECT!