Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Lifting Myth Nr.1

Women should train differently than men:

Let me present to you the dream body of every woman:
Being lean but not too skinny, being defined, especially in their arms, legs and belly and having a bubble butt that fills the jeans.
Am I right?

Well to achieve this, most woman only need to lose fat and build some muscle. Only losing fat wouldn’t be enough for being toned and having some defined muscles, because most women lack the muscle that gives them the athletic look.
You will NEVER EVER achieve that body by only walking or running on the treadmill for hours, nor will you get your dream body by working out with 2kg dumbbells or kettlebells.

To achieve that lean toned defined look, you only need to have a good amount of muscle and a low BFP. To reduce your BFP is only a question of a good and proper diet. But how do you build up muscles? Lifting heavy weights of course.

Unfortunately when it comes to heavy weight lifting I hear most women disagree because, wait for it, they don’t want to get bulky… You WON’T get bulky because the hormone that directly regulates muscle growth is testosterone and an average woman’s testosterone level is at 5-10% of a man’s level. Also, scientific research has shown that men’s testosterone level is 45 times higher after exercising than women’s. This should not surprise you because resistance training doesn’t increase the level of testosterone in women, only growth hormone, estradiol and cortisol (wow, some heavy words here).

If you are a woman I reassure you that you will never wake up one day and look like Arnold if you lift heavy weights and stay toned. (With heavy I mean, heavy for you, not heavy for men)
To really get bulky or achieve a large amount of protruding muscle would take you years and very very hard work everyday.

Now I will explain you the benefits of muscle building and convince you that lifting heavy weights is good for you.

       Health benefits:

  • You will reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cancer
  • Your bones become stronger
  • Its easier to stay lean because your metabolism speeds up
  • Your life expectancy increase
  •  You will get a stronger immune system

       Physique benefits:

  •  You will get curves due to the well-developed muscles
  • Lean muscles will improve your look (naked and in clothes)
  • A strong and well-developed body helps you age better, as research has shown that a greater muscle mass in older women is associated with better mobility, lower body weight and a lower BFP.

So if you’re a woman and want those toned, sexy legs and that round bubble-butt you can’t beat an intense workout of ‘guy exercise’ such as barbell lunges, barbell squats, Romanian deadlifts and so forth.
And if you want sleek, defined arms just do some heavy exercises like dumbbell curls, straight-bar curls or EZ-bar curls.

Ladies it’s time to put down those pink girly weights and get sexy by lifting with the guys!! ( They’ll find it pretty hot and sexy too )

Sincerely, your lifting fairy

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