Samstag, 29. März 2014

Sleepy Saturday

Hey there!

My post is a bit late as I am a real sleepyhead today, it have been a very long night. (we went out for some party) 
As you already know from my previous post about overtraining, rest days and recovery days are very important if you want to improve your results. So here a small list of the TOP6 benefits of rest, so you don't have to feel guilty when you're a sleepy head like me today:

1. Helps Recovery:
Your bones, muscles , tendons and ligaments need approximately 1-2 days off per week to recover and repair themselves. And while muscle growth occurs during rest periods and not during exercise you don't need to feel guilty when you stay on the couch during the weekend.

2. Keeps you healthy:
If you take you rest days every week you avoid the risk of the immune response being compromised due to over training.

3. Sleep:
If you workout hard, your brain needs recovery too. So take off 1-2 day per week so that your brain can repair itself and develop new connections.
4. Lowers Stress:
Restday are important to decrease abnormal levels of cortisol, which will allow productivity and general health to be maintained.

5. Energy:
An adequate rest will help you avoid energy slumps of feeling lethargic during the day and ensures that your workouts will be more effective and efficient.

6. Brain Function:
Taking 1-2 days off improves your concentration and your focus.

So if you really want to improve at the gym, make sure to have at least one day of complete rest, no cardio, no stretching, no yoga, just your couch! 

Have a nice and sleepy saturday!

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