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5-Day Detox

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I don't know how you feel after these holidays, but I am bloated like a balloon!
Friday was still okay, even though I was still sick, I managed to eat healthy just like Easter Saturday. But then... on Sunday, I couldn't resist anymore. First of all it was my sister's 26th Birthday, which is already a very good reason to celebrate, so we had a huge Easter-Brunch at home. Looks awesome, doesn't it?

Our Birthday-Easter-Brunch at home. How can you resist this? seriously?
And as this wouldn't be enough, we went out for dinner the same day. As I already had my epic cheat meal but still felt miserable, I thought that a delicious pasta with shrimps and a piece of my sister's rainbow-birthday-cake would set me in a good mood again. Well not really...

My Dinner at the restaurant Pasta with Shrimps.
My sister's Rainbow-Birthday-Cake. Find the mistake.. I only realized it after we already cut the cake. whoops!
And finally,yesterday, on Easter-Monday we had Lunch at a nice restaurant and I even managed to eat somewhat healthy. 

Starter: Cantaloupe
Main Course: Shrimps in Garlic with Rice
Dessert: Strawberry Salad
As I have been eating so unhealthy these last few days and feel like a balloon, I decided to start the 5-Day Detox by Nikki Sharp, called ''stay sharp be strong'', to get rid of all the water retentions and cleanse the body inside out with FOOD!

This is Nikki Sharp, the creator of the 5-day detox program

For those who haven't heard of this, here some explanations and my sister's experience:

This Program is created by Nikki Sharp and includes :
  • a shopping list
  • all the recipes you will need for the 5 days
  • a lot of information about detoxing : how to do it properly, what to do if you feel bad during the detox and the steps to set you up for lifelong success. 

One day, my sister came up with this program and asked me if it was worth trying. I told her that she couldn't do anything wrong with that, so she gave it a try. And after 5 days she lost almost 2 kilos , which was nothing but water retention, and several cm around her legs, hips, waist and arms.
So the Detox program hold up to its promise.

She not only lost some weight, felt better in her skin and lost her bloat but best of all, she got rid of these cravings for junk-food or sweets! I mean how fantastic is this? Seriously!
She repeats this 5-Day program once a months to cleanse her body and get rid of all the toxins. And every time she starts the program again, she tells me how good she feels and how her belly gets so much flatter again. I thought to myself that I need to try this too. Not only to see how it works on me, but to also get rid of my bloat, my water retentions and to cleanse my body.

Nikki Sharp, Click HERE to get the official site

Today is therefore my first day of Nikki Sharp's 'stay sharp be strong' program and I'm curious to see how I feel after 5 days. Of course I will write a post about my personal experience 5 days from now. 
But if you want more updates, keep a look out on my Instagram profile:


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