Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Lifting myth Nr.5

5. Once you stop training, all your muscles turn into fat.

How often have I been told that once I will stop doing sports, my muscles will turn into fat. I can't even remember how much! But is this actually true? I mean if you look at Arni now or Ronnie Cole, I know they are not the fittest anymore, but are they really 'fat' ? 

I have to admit they don't look that fit anymore, a bit flabby I know. But it is scientifically impossible that their muscles turned into fat. Muscles and Fat are two complete different substances. That's like saying ' I will turn my fat into muscles' it just doesn't work like that!

I will explain to you what actually happens. 
Let's take the example of a guy who eats a lot of calories to give the nutrients his body needs and to build a certain amount of muscles. Now , while he is still training, the amount of muscles he has ,burn calories each day which makes him stay fairly lean. But, when he stops training , for whatever the reason might be, but still keeps eating the same way, his body not only will lose the extra calorie burn from workouts ,but also the extra burn from its muscles. So his body will reduce the amount of calories it needs and he will also lose muscles. So now, you can say that he is going to turn into a little fluffy ball because if he keeps eating that way, he will lose muscles and gain fat. He won't be turning his muscles into fat. Only fairy dust can do this!

So to destroy the myth, that's what people misunderstand. 
Muscles are breaking down because they are no longer needed, while at the same time your body is gaining fat,if you keep eating like before!
Don't think that you will never ever be able to have a break because you fear that you will become chubby or whatever. 

If you stop training and also reduce your eating habits, you will  lose muscles, yes, but you won't turn into a fluffy ball.

According to a study, strength and muscle mass are generally maintained for up to 4 hours of no training.
In my experience, I've seen drop-offs in strength in as little as one week of no training, but no huge muscle loss in two or even three weeks out of the gym.

If you are afraid of losing too much strength or muscle when you are on vacation, just do a full-body-core workout like push-ups, planks, pull-ups, squats, lunges or whatever. 

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