Freitag, 18. April 2014

Fitfriday: 1 Step closer!

Hey fitfam!

Finally, it's Friday! Which means week-end! Awesome! Have you already planned something for your weekend, or just recovering from the week's workout, or are you still going to workout?

I had to take a break from training because I caught a cold. Dammit! I can hardly breath, so no gym for me since Wednesday...
Even though I feel a bit miserable, Ken (my boyfriend) and I had our first check-up at Jean-Marie's yesterday and it was better than expected.

First of all , what I like most about him is that he is 100% honest, in luxembourgish you would say ' From the lung to the tongue'. Which means if he thinks that you still look flabby, he says it outright. This made me a bit timid when I first met him, so for yesterday's check-up I was kind of , let's say, 'nervous'.
I didn't know what he would think of my current form, but worst of all what would he tell me?!

So when it was time to check my form he was quite satisfied, even though I wasn't sticking to a concrete diet or training plan. He thinks that my overall muscles are very proportional and that there won't be any problem to be ready for this year's winter season competition in 'bikini class'. Already, wow! This motivates me even more! ( Ego booster hehe)
That's Jean-Marie, he looks quite scary but he is such a nice person!
I think you can have an awesome coach who will prepare you very well for your competitions, who will give you a great training and diet plan by which you can achieve great progresses. But I think it is also important that you feel comfortable with your coach. Most coaches aren't interested in what you have been eating before or how you have been training before. They simply ask what your goal is and then they develop a program for you, mostly in the gym. I mean how 'personal' is that...?

J-M is the one on the left. 
But J-M. is different. He asks you in advance to write down your eating and training habits for one week and then hand it to him. On this paper you list everything you eat and how you train, which supps you take, how often and how much each day.
Then, when you meet again, like Ken and I , he asks you to visit him at HOME! That's what I call personal!
He goes through the list and again asks you exactly if you have sticked to this or not. He takes care of your eating preferences(like; I can't eat raw or cooked paprika), how your working shifts are and when you have time to hit the gym.

J-M during a competition! Great form!
I am honest I couldn't imagine a better coach than J-M. He has a lot of experience in coaching athletes for competitions as he has been competing too and while he is the president of the NAC Luxembourg federation, he is well informed about the criteria and the judgments for the several competition-classes.

I finally got my License! YAY!
So now that I finally got my license for the competitions, I can't wait to get my diet & training plan, which J-M will set up now, to get started. Looking forward to rocking the stage with a badass form in winter!

Stay tuned!

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