Samstag, 12. April 2014

What's in my bag?

Hello my lovely followers!

I know I am kind of late today, but I was at a blogger brunch here in Luxembourg and I met some really nice and lovely girls who are blogging too! I actually didn't know that we had such great fashion-bloggers here in Luxembourg. So as you may guess, I was the only Fitness-blogger at the brunch. 
And while the fashion-bloggers always post their daily outfits I thought it would be a great idea if I did something similar. 

So today I am going to show you what's in my Fitness-bag: 

As you can see, there is a lot in my bag, like the Shaker and the GoStak by BlenderBottle. I always carry them even when I am not in the gym. The GoStak is just so practical because you only need to carry what you need. You don't have to carry all your boxes of supplements, you only take what you need and then you can leave the house with your supps. You may also wonder why I have this Shaker by BlenderBottle, because they aren't that cheap. It is because they have a special 'Blender Ball' in it which makes your shakes even smoother like when you have a normal Shaker for your Whey.

In my GoStak I got some Fatburner pills, BCAA Pills, 1 Scoops of Iso-Whey and some Almonds for a healthy snack to-go
Get the Shaker HERE
Get the GoStak HERE
Now you now what I need before the gym and after the gym. Let's get over to my Sportswear:

So first of all what I need are shoes! 
I prefer Nike Freerun Flyknit as those shoes really give you the feeling of having no shoes on actually. I like to feel what I am doing and with these shoes I also improve a bit my balance and I also strengthen the muscles of my feet which keep my ankles safe. 

Get them HERE
Here we got one of my favorite workout-pants. I bought these at Bershka in Saarbrücken ,Germany, a few weeks ago. First of all I was a bit skeptical when I saw them because I didn't know that Bershka could have such comfy workout-clothes , so I was quite surprised when I tried them on. They are super soft and elastic too , plus they motivate me when I read what's written on them.

HERE the link to get to the online shop
And last but not least my new Sport-bra and my favorite workout-shirt. I bought the shirt months ago at Decathlon nearby in Thionville , France. I love the material as it is very smooth but still elastic. The bra is by MovingComfort,which I bought on last weekend's FIBO trip in Cologne. I have never had such a comfy and  snug sports-bra ever!You must buy one, they are awesome and you get so many different colors!

Click HERE to get to the Online Shop

WOW! I almost forgot the most important thing ever! 
My Iphone and my headphones. Does anyone of you know that feeling when you arrive at the gym and you suddenly remember that you either forgot your phone or your headphones? For me that's one of the worst scenarios ever, especially when I have my cardio-day! 
Worst, ever!

And after my awesome workouts I love having very hot showers, especially when I have some awesome-smelling shower gels. I love the ones from BodyShop, especially Grapefruit, Clementine and Strawberry. But I also like my own AloeVera shower-gel. ( If you want further informations about my AloeVera products, check out my Facebook page HERE , there you'll find the whole catalogue and how to contact me)

Get the Grapefruit shower gel HERE
Have a nice weekend!

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