Freitag, 4. April 2014

Fairy goes FIBO

Hey Fitfam!

Guess what?! I am going to Cologne this afternoon... yaay... but it gets even better..

I am attending  FIBO in Cologne! Saturday AND Sunday... I'm being spoiled so much by my boyfriend, he's simply the best! ( of course )
Now that I've made you a bit jealous, there might be some people who don't know yet what the FIBO actually is.

So here a small explanation:  

FIBO is the worldwide Leading Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health. With 97.6000 visitors and 700 exhibitors every year in April, global top-decision makers of the industry come together in Cologne looking for the newest innovations and trends for their gyms, wellness clubs, doctors and physiotherapy practices, hotels and so on.

While FIBO is for gyms, wellness clubs and so forth, FIBO POWER is one of the biggest meeting points for the bodybuilding, weight training and martial arts community. With 30.000 visitors and more than 140 exhibitors every year, producers and suppliers of the industry present their latest innovations and the newest trends.

If you want to know which exhibitors will be at the FIBO click HERE.
You might as well click HERE if you want to see which exhibitors are on the FIBO POWER.

Now let's get over to the program:

  • FIBO:
As you now know, you can do some great shopping at the FIBO. I will be so damn poor when I return home. I am going to buy some new sportswear and maybe sports-gear as well, we will see. Poor purse!

But not only can you shop at the FIBO,the Hall 5.2 will offer you as well a great show program. There will be a brand new stage where international and national pros will show off their skills in ZUMBA, PILOXING , BOKWA and so more.

Click HERE if you want to see the whole program of the FIBO Shows.

The program of FIBO POWER is a bit different as its focus relies on bodybuilding, fitness and weight training. With more than 20.000 body and fitness-conscious consumers every year in April, international and top athletes present themselves live on stage. And as you may know, I am trying to become a bikini competitor so you can be sure that I will definitely going to see the DBFV Bikini Cup 2014

The DBFV Bikini Cup is an amateur competition and part of Sunday's program on the main stage ( Hall 10.2 at 2p.m).
15 top female athletes are going to compete in an exciting final against each other representing the highest level!

Another 'show' which I'm not going to miss is the Miss FIBO POWER Beauty for the categories 'amateur' and 'newcomer'. Everyone on the FIBO POWER could cast a vote to help their favorites. The online voting was from February 1st to February 28th this year, so I hope you already made your votes!
The 8 best voted athletes in each class will be competing against each other in an exciting final round during FIBO POWER on Saturday 5th April.

Click HERE if you want to see the 'amateur' finalists. 

Click HERE if you want to see the 'newcomer' finalists.

As there will be a loooot of Pros at the FIBO POWER I won't list every single one, so I provide you HERE with the list in case you want to check if your favorite star will be at the FIBO POWER! 
Unfortunately none of my favorite ones will be there but although I am looking forward to meet some of the top pros in the world!

I am sure that I will 'have to' see other shows as well as I am going with my boyfriend to Cologne, so maybe we will also see the Power-lifting show, Lennox Lewis presented by Olimp, the 'Conan vs. Terminator' show and things like that. 

But now I really have to go! I need to get my luggage ready, I haven't even put out the stuff I might be going to wear. Poor boyfriend hehe. 

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Have a nice weekend and I hope to see some of you at FIBO.



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