Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Reasons Why Water Is Important

Even when summer is over and the cold days are already there, drinking water is still very important. The human body functions in a way that all the processes taking place within it are responsible for a particular area of vital activity. It's like a computer, everything is linked together and when suddenly one process shuts down, your body will either face certain restrictions to its activity or stop functioning completely. 

The majority of the human body's processes take place with a certain , direct or indirect, participation of water molecules. This means that our existence is impossible without water, but I am sure that you already know that, don't you?
If you are thirsty, well this simply means that your body lacks water in order to continue functioning at full power. Did you ever wondered why you are so sleepy and tired all the time? Maybe because you don't drink enough.
Further, we can not survive more than 10 days without water, if we have been trained for survival. A normal person can only survive 3 to 4 days... That's scaring isn't it? 
But let's have a more detailed look at why you need to drink water and what benefits it has on our bodies.

#1 Water is a solvent for nutrients and oxygen that are entering the body. While dissolving them, water helps the bloodstream to deliver these nutrients to the cells in our body. This allows the cells of various organs to function normally.

#2 Water is the only thermostat in our body. While the body temperature increases, water is released by the skin surface through perspiration to cool it down. Which is the reason why we actually sweat. If we didn't have that water-based thermoregulatory system, we would die as a result of any significant increase in temperature that might be due to an internal infection or high ambient temperature.

#3 It contains a lot of minerals, depending on its origin, such as magnesium, potassium, fluorine and many other types of minerals. These substances are involved in our body's vitality and help us keep the body healthy. But, it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of water you are consuming as an excess of certain minerals can harm your body. 

#4 Water has no calories (woow, what a surprise haha). Therefor if you are trying to lose weight you should definitely put the soda away and drink water instead. By drinking a glass of water you can also eradicate the false feeling of hunger, which is mostly a result of stress or mental and physical fatigue, without consuming extra calories.

#5 During active sports, water is essential to the human body. Physical activity contributes to the warming up of the body, resulting in sweating, like already mentioned above. This means that your body is losing water and only by drinking more water you can refill the reserve and fix the water balance again.

#6 A lack of water can affect the metabolism in a negative manner. The process of 'recycling' of unnecessary elements, also called detoxifying, begins to slow down and a gradual intoxication begins to take place. This will be expressed in a variety of unpleasant syndromes like constipation or skin rashes, but may also lead to problems with your kidneys, liver and your gastrointestinal system. 

#7 If you are bothered with headaches, it often is a result of lacking water. Even the smallest water starvation may lead to strong and regular headaches. So if you want to get rid of the headaches, listen to your body and have a glass of water. 

#8 Water is a lubricant for all the joints in your body. Therefor, if you drink enough water everyday, you help your body to preserve the youth and the health of your joints. 

#9 To nourish and moisturize your skin from within you should drink more water. Plus, drinking water helps us to sustain its freshness and youthfulness. 

Have a great new week and enjoy your drink. xX

How water can help you to lose weight

How water can affect your skin, credits to dailymail


  1. great post! we all need to know why it is important to drink enough water. But unfortunately, it is hard to drink a lot... water is boring.. So instead of drinking simple water I put concomber,ginger and fresh mint in my bottle, water taste so good then! :) thank you for this post! xx

    1. Thank you sweetie :)
      Yeah you are right, water is so boring haha I have to drink 3.5 L per day (and I am not allowed to add to many things) I'm looking forward to drinking my fruit infused water again after the competition :)


  2. I know people always say you only last a few days without water but I sometimes spent 2 weeks without drinking any water and still here I am, haha.. I must have had a lot of food that contained water, otherwise I don't know. Like Anne-Sophie said, water is really boring, so I try to drink a lot of tea or homemade lemonade (squeezing whole lemon and one spoon of honey in a warm water jug) - I hope that counts? :D I really want to improve my water intake cause I am probably having way too many side effects from the lack of it!

    1. hey sweetheart!
      Thank you a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment! :*
      Wow, you are a real survival-hero then hihi :)
      Of course every liquid is better than no liquid, except for soft drinks that are filled with unhealthy fats and sugar :)